Frequently Asked Questions For Graduate Students

Application and Admissions Process
Graduate Assistantships
Financial Assistance and Awards
Enrollment Issues
Degree Completion


1. I applied online recently, why have I not received confirmation that you received my application or the myWSU ID number?
-Applications submitted on a weekend or holiday will generally not be pulled into our database until the following work day. This means that there can sometimes be a delay of several days before you receive the confirmation email with your ID number and other information. You should receive an automated email confirming application submission and fee receipt, and you should be able to see your application was submitted in the online portal. If it has been more than a week and you have not heard anything, please contact our office for assistance.

2. I have forgotten the login information for my Online Application - what can I do?
-If you applied through the ApplyWeb portal, you can return to that login page for that portal and select the "Forgot User Name and/or Password" option for assistance in resetting either.

3. Can I upload my transcripts, test scores, and other supporting materials?
-YES! In fact, the application system requires you to upload the required supporting materials as a part of the application, and allows you to upload departmental materials as well. Instructions are provided in the online application itself.

4. Can I check the status of my application online?
-YES! If you applied through the ApplyWeb portal, you can log into your account using the same login credentials you used to create your account. There you can see details on exactly what is still needed in your application, and what the current status is. Once a decision is reached, you can also then track your status through the OneStop. You will need your myWSU ID in order to log in to access the OneStop. The OneStop offers trackers to show additional information, as well as 24 hour support.

5. How do I get my ID number?
-The ID number is assigned and communicated to the applicant by email usually within 2-3 business days of the submission of the application.

6. What materials do I need to submit in support of my application?
All applicants are required to submit an application, fee, and transcripts/degree certification. Some programs may require additional test scores or additional supporting materials. There are different requirements of supporting materials for International Applicants as well. Please review the following pages for additional information:
Program Requirements
Application Requirements

7. What Transcripts do I need to send?
-If applying for a degree bound program, we require a transcript from ALL colleges or universities you have attended. This includes community colleges, college credit earned while in High School, transfer hours taken at another institution, and coursework taken to maintain certification. Please list ALL schools on your application. Failure to include all schools attended could result in denial of your application, or dismissal if admitted. Please be sure to include work taken at or transferred to WSU, as you will be required to upload unofficial copies of those documents as a part of the application process as well.

8. How long will the process take?
-The length of time varies significantly from a few days to up to 8 weeks. This depends on a number of factors, including whether we receive all application materials in a timely manner, when we receive the application (if during a peak processing time, it can take longer due to volume of applications received), whether the department evaluates applications on a rolling basis, or waits until a deadline has passed to evaluate all applicants, and if the department receives the needed supporting materials, such as test scores, letters of recommendation, etc.

9. Where should I mail my materials after I've been admitted?
-Postal Mailing Address to which all materials should be mailed:

The Graduate School
Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount
Wichita KS 67260-0004

Please note - if you are using an express mailing service, such as Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc., please use this more detailed address:

Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount
Jardine Hall, Room 107
The Graduate School, 316-978-3095
Wichita KS 67260-0004

10. I sent my materials by express mail, and have received notice that the package was delivered, but have not received any confirmation from your office. Have you received the materials?
-Most likely, yes. All express mail packages are delivered and signed for by our central warehouse. Once received at the warehouse, they are sorted and delivered to the appropriate offices, usually within a day or two of receipt. You will receive confirmation from our office once the materials are processed, which, during peak processing times, can take up to a week or more, due to the volume of materials being received.

11. What is your Institutional Code for the GRE and for Financial Aid?
-Institutional Code for test scores: 6884
-Institutional Code for Financial Aid: 001950

12. What are the deadlines for application?
-You can find complete deadline information on our Deadlines page. Please be aware that while there may be some flexibility in Graduate School application deadlines, departmental deadlines may not be flexible. If you are concerned about meeting a departmental deadline, please contact the department to find out if there is any flexibility in the deadline published.

13. Is "Conditional Admission" (admission without proof of English Proficiency) available for International applicants?
-Yes, it is. Our terminology refers to this as "admissibility only" consideration. International admissions processes are handled in a two-tiered system. The first tier is to determine if the applicant is academically admissible. That evaluation is based on the submission of the application, fee, transcripts/degree certification, and any departmental requirements, including test scores such as the GRE or GMAT. If, following this review, the student is found to be academically admissible, the second tier of the process begins. In this tier, academically admissible applicants are required to provide the remaining materials in order to have their I-20 issued. In most cases, this includes the submission of the Statement of Financial Responsibility, and proof of English Proficiency through the submission of acceptable scores on either the TOEFL, IELTS or the PTE-Academic, or completion of levels 1 - 7 of our Intensive English program, with acceptable grades. Students who are academically admissible, submit the required financial statement form, and are admitted to the Intensive English Program will be admitted "conditionally" and issued an ESL-only I-20 along with a letter indicating they have been granted conditional admission pending the completion of the needed level of English proficiency. Students who plan to send TOEFL/IELTS/PTE-Academic scores will not be sent an I-20 until they have submitted acceptable scores and met all other requirements.

14. The program that I want to apply for requires the GRE / GMAT / MAT for admission, but I have not yet taken the needed exam. Can I be admitted?
-It varies. Some programs will admit a student on what we call a conditional basis (this is different than the "conditional" status explained in item 13) pending the completion of the entrance exam. Many will not. It is recommended that you consult with the coordinator of the program you are interested in to determine if you would be considered for admission prior to completing the entrance exam. Note that the Computer Science, Computer Networking and Electrical Engineering programs require the GRE (for students educated overseas) BEFORE they will review an applicant for admission. No exceptions are made. You can consult our list of programs for contact information for other programs.

15. Can I apply to more than one program at a time?
Yes! You will need to submit a separate application and application fee for each program you wish to be considered for, as well as any additional departmental application requirements. You can only pursue one degree program at a time, however, so if offered admission to more than one program area, you would need to choose which program area to pursue.

16. Can I pay the application fee or express mail fee separately?
Yes, you can. Visit the How To Pay page for information on ways to pay the application fee, or express mailing fee.

17. Do you offer any online programs?
Yes! We offer several online programs, and are currently developing more. Visit the Online Learning website for details on the programs offered.

18. Can international students be admitted to online programs?
If you do not plan to come to the US on a student visa, then you can apply for online programs and remain in your home country to study. US Visa regulations restrict those on a student visa to only one online course per semester, so students would not be able to come to the US to complete an online program.

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1. Can I hold a GA position while on probation?
-Possibly. Students who have at least a 2.75 GPA in their graduate work at WSU may be granted an exception to hold an assistantship.

2. How do I qualify for in-state tuition as a Graduate Assistant?
-A student must hold an appointment for at least 16 hours per week, for a minimum of 12 weeks, and must start on or before the 20th day of classes to be eligible for the in-state tuition rate for that semester. Early termination of the GA position may result in being charged the tuition amount previously discounted.

3. How do I qualify for the discounted health insurance?
-A student must work 20 hours per week, for a minimum of 12 weeks, and must start on or before the 20th day of classes, as a Graduate Assistant to qualify for the discounted health insurance.

4. Can I enroll in the discount health insurance program any time during the semester?
-No, you must enroll in the insurance program before the 20th day of classes (10th day during the summer), and must re-enroll each semester in which you hold a qualifying Graduate Assistantship position.

5. How do I pay for the discounted health insurance?
-You will fill out the enrollment form (each semester you are eligible for the discounted insurance) and submit it to the Graduate School office. We will register you for the health insurance, and the entire insurance premium will be deducted from your first paycheck after the 20th day of classes. If you previously paid for the university's standard student health insurance, you will be refunded the amount you previously paid. Please be aware that if you owe tuition at the time the refund is processed, the refunded amount will be automatically applied to the tuition owed.

6. If I become a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), do I have to attend the GTA Workshop?
-Yes, all new Graduate Teaching Assistants must attend the workshop in order to continue their GTA position for the semester. Failure to attend the workshop could result in the termination of the GTA position.

7. Is English Proficiency required to be a GTA?
-Yes, ALL GTAs must receive an acceptable rating on the SESF (Spoken English Screening Form). Further, all international students must also submit acceptable scores on either the TSE (Test of Spoken English), OR on SPEAK (Institutional version of the TSE offered on campus through our Office of International Education), OR on the Speaking portion of the Internet Based TOEFL (iBT) examination, OR on the Speaking portion of the IELTS examination. The minimum acceptable score for the TSE or SPEAK is 50, for the Speaking portion of the iBT, the minimum acceptable score is 23, and for the Speaking portion of the IELTS exam, 7.0 is the minimum acceptable score. Scores must be less than two years old.

8. I am supposed to be receiving a tuition waiver - when will that be reflected on my fee bill?

-Once your GA paperwork has been fully processed, your waiver will be entered into the fee system. You will not be able to see the waiver until 24 hours after you have enrolled in courses - due to overnight processes that need to run. If you do not see your waiver on your fee bill and have begun working, contact the department in which you are employed to determine if there has been any problem with your paperwork.

9. How many hours do I have to be enrolled in to hold a GA?
-Students are expected to be enrolled in 9 graduate level credit hours. Departments may grant approval to allow students who hold at least a 20 hour per week appointment to be enrolled in as few as 6 credit hours without an exception through the Graduate School. International students must also be approved to be in fewer hours by the Office of International Education. Exceptions to allow enrollment in fewer than 6 credit hours while holding an assistantship are generally only approved one time, and usually in the last semester of enrollment.

10. Why did I receive more than one contract?
-If you have more than one graduate assistantship position, you will receive a contract for each position. You may also receive what may appear to be a duplicate contract if a revision or correction was needed.

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1. I am planning to present my research at a conference. How can I apply for a student travel fellowship?
-You must apply for student travel at least 4 weeks in advance of your conference by filling out the Travel Fellowship Form. You must also show proof that your paper has been submitted and accepted. Please also note that this will only be considered if you have an approved plan of study on file, and you must be in good academic standing (not on probation).

2. What kind of aid or scholarships are available for International students?
-Financial assistance for all graduate students is limited. For International students, aid usually comes in the form of a graduate assistantship position within a department. Assistantship positions are very competitive and International students are not usually considered for these positions until they have arrived on campus. There are departmental and non-departmental graduate assistantships and numerous on-campus job opportunities. You can find additional information about these positions on our website.

3. What kind of aid or scholarships are available for US Citizens?
-Financial assistance for all graduate students is limited. Federal Financial Aid for Graduate Students is limited to Stafford Loans. No grants or other types of awards are usually available through Federal Financial Aid for Graduate Students. For many students, aid often comes in the form of a graduate assistantship position within a department. Assistantship positions are very competitive and students are not usually considered for these positions until they have completed at least one semester of study at WSU. There are departmental and non-departmental graduate assistantships and numerous on-campus job opportunities. Many of these positions are advertised online through Handshake. You can find additional information about these positions on our website.

4. How do I find out about what fellowships/awards are available to graduate students?
-Go to the Graduate School Award website.
-Deadlines, eligibility requirements, and application information is listed under the link for each award.
-Graduate students should also check with their individual program area for fellowships or scholarships available at the department level.
-Students can view positions listed both on and off campus through the Career Services Handshake online database.

5. Am I eligible for Federal Financial Aid?
-Per Federal regulations, only US Citizens or Permanent Residents who are admitted FULL STANDING in a degree program can be considered eligible for Federal Financial Aid. If you were admitted on a Conditional basis or Probational basis (your admission status will be stated in your admission letter), you will not be considered for Federal Financial Aid until you clear your Conditional or Probational Status.

6. I received a letter from Financial Aid stating I am not eligible for aid, but I believe I should be. What can I do?
-Contact our office at 316-978-3095, option 2. We will need to check your admission and enrollment status to determine if the letter is correct. In some cases (for instance, when a student has cleared their probational status), there is a delay in the Financial Aid office picking up that information. In such cases, our staff will work with the Financial Aid office to confirm your good standing with the Graduate School, which should then allow your aid application to be processed fully.

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1. I am trying to enroll and have received the message “student status requires readmission prior to enrollment”. What should I do?
-Contact the Graduate School Office at 316-978-3095, option 2 to first determine if you have a valid admission status, or will need to reapply for admission. In most cases, this means you will need to reactivate your enrollment status with the Registrar's Office. Student enrollment records are inactivated if no enrollment takes place within two years. If you do need to reactivate, you can fill out the online reactivation form and submit that to the Registrar's Office. Please be sure to read all directions before submitting the form.

2. I am unable to log into myWSU. What do I do?
-Contact the university's Help Desk for assistance. They can be reached at 316-978-HELP (4357) or by email at

3. What is considered full time?
-9 credit hours of enrollment is considered full time. Some exceptions can exist. For instance, students who hold a 20 hour per week assistantship position may be considered full time if they are enrolled in at least 6 credit hours (with departmental approval). Other exceptions can be considered on a case by case basis.

4. What is considered part time / half time?
-For our purposes, anything less than full time is considered part time. For loan deferral or financial aid purposes, half time designation requires at least 5 hours of enrollment.

5. What is the current tuition amount for Graduate Students?
-Because this amount is subject to change, please follow this link to view the most current information about tuition amounts.


1. I was admitted on Probation. How do I get off of Probation?
-NEW Graduate students who were admitted on Probation, must complete their first 9 hours of graded graduate coursework with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Once this is achieved, you will automatically be removed from Probation. Graduate students who have taken graduate coursework at WSU previously and are admitted to a new Graduate program area will need to meet the above requirement to clear their probation, but if their Grad GPA was below a 3.00 at the time of admission, will ALSO need to raise their overall Grad GPA to 3.00 or higher to be cleared from probation.

2. I was admitted on a Conditional status. How do I clear my Conditions?
-Departments can admit students conditionally to their programs, pending the receipt of supporting materials such as Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, and in some cases, test scores. Students can also be admitted on a conditional basis due to the lack of certain required pre-requisite courses. When you are admitted, you will be sent a document that details the conditions that must be cleared to be moved to a Full Standing status. In order to clear the conditions, you must submit the required materials, or complete the required coursework. Once you have done so, you should ask your department to notify the Graduate School. We cannot clear your conditions until we receive official notification from the department that all requirements have been met. You will not be eligible for Federal Financial Aid until the conditions have been cleared. Please be aware that conditions should be removed by the end of your first semester if the condition is an entrance exam, letters of recommendation or statement of purpose, and within one year of admission if your conditions require the completion of prerequisite coursework. Failure to clear conditions of admission may result in dismissal from your program.

3. I was admitted full standing, but my GPA fell below the required 3.0 GPA. What can I do to be removed from probation?
-To be removed from Academic Probation, you would need to raise your Graduate GPA to a 3.00 or higher. Please note that only graduate coursework take at WSU will count towards raising your GPA.
-Graduate students should always strive to make satisfactory progress toward their degree. Repeating courses they did poorly in is one option for raising GPA. For repeated courses, the last grade earned replaces the original grade for purposes of calculating GPA.
-Students should also consult with their advisor about other options for raising their GPA to 3.0 or higher.
-Failure to raise your GPA to an acceptable level may result in your dismissal from the Graduate School.

4. How much time do I have to complete a course in which I received an incomplete “I” grade?
-One calendar year beyond the semester the incomplete grade was assigned.
-An incomplete is a temporary grade assigned by a faculty member that grants a student an extension of time to complete the coursework. The extension of time may not exceed one calendar year from the end of the original semester. It is used in exceptional cases where a student is unable to complete coursework due to circumstances beyond his or her control. Credit is postponed and the course is not include in the student's grade point average until a permanent letter grade is assigned.
-The following conditions govern incompletes:
1. When an incomplete grade is assigned, the faculty member may assign a default grade other than an I. If the coursework is not satisfactorily completed by the extension date, the I will revert to the default grade; if the faculty member does not assign a default grade the I will revert to an F. When the student completes the work by the extension date, the faculty member must submit an online change of grade request to assign the appropriate grade.

2. Subsequent enrollment in the course will be governed by the university repeat policy.
3. Students are automatically informed of university polices and procedures when they receive an I grade.

5. How can I file an exception to Graduate School regulations?
-Students can pick up an exception form in the Graduate School office, Jardine 107, or print the Exception Form from our website
-Students should fill out the exception form and have it signed by their academic advisor and the coordinator or chair from their program of study. Appropriate signatures must be obtained before turning it into the Graduate School office for action. Supporting materials may be attached.
-If filing an exception to late add or drop a course, students must also attach Add / Drop slips with the instructor’s signature.

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1. What is a Plan of Study (POS) and when should I submit it?
-The Plan of Study lists the courses required for degree completion; in cases where electives have not yet been determined, enter “to be determined at a later date” (TBD).
-The POS should be submitted after at least 12 hours of coursework
-The POS can be revised repeatedly as needed
-The POS Is required for the processing of most exceptions, and for certain awards, CPT approval, etc.
-The POS Is required before submitting an Application of Degree (AFD) form

2. What do I have to do to graduate?
-File an Application for Degree (AFD) and Survey by the published deadline for the semester in which you plan to complete all requirements, which will trigger a degree audit to determine if any problems or obstacles exist to prevent your timely graduation. The AFD is filed electronically through the myWSU portal.
-Submit and/or update your plan of study
-Enroll in the appropriate graduate level coursework* in your final semester (consult your advisor)
-Complete all requirements by the published deadlines.

*Appropriate graduate level coursework depends upon your completion option - Thesis students must enroll in at least one credit hour of Thesis. Dissertation students must enroll in at least two credit hours of Dissertation. Project students must enroll in at least one credit hour of Project.

3. I already submitted my AFD but now I am not able to finish this semester. What should I do?
-You must submit a new AFD and fee by the published deadline for the semester in which you now plan to complete all requirements. You do not need to submit the Survey again.
-You must enroll in the appropriate graduate level coursework*, as described above.

4. I am needing to change my degree completion option, and some of my courses…….who should I contact?
-Contact your advisor, and submit a revision to your plan of study. If the Graduate School has questions about those changes, they will contact your advisor.

5. I just finished my last course, and I’m already looking for a job……how soon can I get a transcript that shows my degree?
-The Registrar will not post an “early” degree for anyone, so you must wait for your final transcript to be ready, about six weeks after Commencement.
-The Graduate School can provide you with a LETTER, that will serve as proof of your degree. You can use this letter to look for employment, or for H1 visa approval, or to help with Financial aid arrangements, while you wait for your official transcript to be released.

6. I just got married, so how do I get my new name printed on my diploma and transcript?
-The Graduate School will report your diploma name to the Registrar, EXACTLY as you have written it on your Application for Degree.
If you have MARRIED, or DIVORCED (or had any other legal name change), the Registrar will require legal documentation before they will print that name on your diploma and transcript. Please contact the Registrar for more information at: (316) 978-3090.

7. I changed my mind about Commencement, and now I wish to attend. I did not RSVP by the deadline, so can I still participate?
-Yes, you are welcome to participate, as long as you are on the graduation list. Contact the Commencement Office at to let them know you plan to participate. Include your full name, ID number, and semester of graduation.

8. Why was my name not in the Commencement program?
-The Graduate School will print your name in the program provided that you filed your Application for Degree by the published deadline. If you filed your AFD late, your name will not be included.

9. I am going to finish my degree in the summer. When is my commencement ceremony?
-Masters and Specialist students receiving summer degree awards may choose to walk in the May ceremony before their summer graduation, or the December ceremony after their summer graduation. In order to have their name printed in the MAY program, the AFD form must be submitted by the MAY deadline, even though you have marked it for a summer degree. Summer names are NOT printed the Fall program. PhD students participate in the Fall ceremony after the award of their degree. Exceptions can be made for students who have completed their dissertation defense, and that paperwork is on file with the Graduate School office. See the Degree Audit Specialist for more information.

10. Can I submit my AFD on-line?
Yes. When you are ready to submit your AFD, you can fill out the form, the survey, and pay the $25 filing fee online. When you visit the page, you will log in with your standard myWSU ID and password.

11. Can I see my plan of study on-line somewhere in Self-Service?
-Yes. In Self Service do the following:
Go to: My Classes tab
Find the View My Degree Evaluation/Audit channel (box)

Click Run My Degree Works Audit then enter your ID number

If a plan is on file and approved, it will be recorded in the block below the degree progress bar. If you have filed a plan but don't see it recorded there, please call our office at 316-978-3095, option 2 to inquire about it. During peak times, it can take several weeks for a plan to be approved.

12. When I viewed my Plan of Study online, it reflected an "Expected Graduation Date" which is incorrect. How do I fix this?
-The Expected Graduation Date is generated by enrollment history/completion estimation, and has no bearing on your actual degree award date. DISREGARD this information. Your Application for Degree submission officially identifies your semester of intended graduation.

13. I have a 4.00 GPA…will there be some special cord I should wear at Commencement?
-No. Because all Graduate students must perform at an honors level in order to be admitted, and achieve an honors GPA in order to receive their degree, the Graduate School does not designate honors for GPA achievement.

14. What is Professional and Scholarly Integrity Training?
All Masters, Specialist, or Doctoral students must complete Professional and Scholarly Integrity Training. More information on this requirement can be viewed on this page.

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