Accelerated Aging Studies

Student with Older Adults

Fast Track Your Education in Aging Studies

Get a head start on your master's. Replace undergraduate electives with graduate coursework before matriculating as a graduate student to complete your graduate degree.

Save time and money. Earn dual credit.

Jacie Green, Director of Graduate Programs

Make a Difference

The number of Americans ages 65 and older will represent 21.6% of the population in 2040 (Profile of Older Americans, 2019). As a result, the United States is experiencing a significant shortage of qualified professionals who are equipped to manage, supervise, and provide high-quality services and supports for aging Americans.

You can make a difference in the field of aging and across disciplines by equipping yourself with knowledge surrounding this growing population. With the accelerated master's degree in Aging Studies, you can streamline your graduate education and be prepared to make a positive impact in the lives of older adults.

About the Program

The online dual/accelerated bachelor's to master's in Aging Studies is designed to prepare qualified students for graduate work in Aging Studies at WSU, while allowing them to earn credit towards their bachelor's degree. The accelerated program is ideal for undergraduate students across multiple disciplines entering their junior/senior year. A student admitted to the accelerated program will be allowed to enroll in courses for dual UG/Grad credit (up to 9 credit hours) while still completing their undergraduate degree requirements. Recommended courses include, but are not limited to: AGE 717AGE 718, and AGE 798.

Application and Admissions

Prospective students apply for admission to the graduate school during the semester prior to the first semester in which he/she intends to enroll in a course for dual credit. To be considered for admission to the accelerated program, a prospective student must submit a graduate school application fee, and satisfy the admission requirements. Admissions are considered on a rolling deadline.

Masters in Aging Studies

Upon admission to the accelerated program, the student is granted tentative admission to the Masters in Aging Studies graduate program. Tentative graduate admission does not guarantee final admission, which is contingent upon the student meeting all the admission requirements in place for the Aging Studies program at the time the Bachelor's degree is awarded.

The Masters in Aging Studies program provides flexible, online learning, tailored to your professional interests within the field of aging. Students who complete the accelerated program can earn their MA in Aging Studies in as three semesters.


"This program took everything I thought I knew about gerontology and expanded it. I would not be where I am at today if it wasn’t for this program."

-Peyton Quandt, MA