Accelerated MHA

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Fast Track Your Education in Health Administration

Get a head start on your master's. Replace undergraduate electives with graduate coursework before matriculating as a graduate student to complete your master’s degree. 

Save time and money. Earn dual credit.

Jacie Green, Director of Graduate Programs

Healthcare Administrators are in High Demand

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that health administration will grow by an estimated 20% by 2026. Be equipped to make an impact in this growing field. The accelerated master's degree in Health Administration will prepare you in areas of management, health care finance, human resource administration, strategic planning, law and ethics, health economics, and health information systems.

Streamline your graduate education with the dual/accelerated bachelor's in health management to master's in health administration.

About the Program

The Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s program in Health Administration is designed to prepare qualified students for graduate work in health administration at WSU through a coordinated accelerated program leading to both a Bachelor of Science in Health Management and a Master of Health Administration. A student admitted to the accelerated program will be allowed to enroll in courses for dual UG/Grad credit (up to 9 credit hours) while still completing their undergraduate degree requirements for health management. Allowed dual credit hours include: HA 621, HA 622, and HA 848.

Application and Admissions

Prospective students apply for admission to the graduate school during the semester prior to the first semester in which he/she intends to enroll in a course for dual credit. To be considered for admission to the accelerated program, a prospective student must submit a graduate school application fee, and satisfy the admission requirements. Admissions are considered on a rolling deadline.

Master of Health Administration

Upon admission to the accelerated program, the student is granted tentative admission to the Master of Health Administration graduate program. Tentative graduate admission does not guarantee final admission, which is contingent upon the student meeting all the admission requirements in place for the Health Administration program at the time the Bachelor's degree is awarded.

The Masters in Health Administration provides students with the required knowledge, skills, and qualities that health care organization employers deem important to serve in a leadership capacity. Students who complete the accelerated program will fast track their graduates studies by a full semester.