Whether you are a new or returning client, we are pleased you chose us to serve your needs.

Questions about enrolling or re-enrolling in the Clinic?
» Phone: Call 316-978-3289 to discuss your needs.
» Online: Submit a Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic Request Information Form

» Client forms:      Release of info to WSU 
   Speech client forms:   Adult Speech case history | Child Speech case history   
   Hearing client forms:  Adult Audiology case history |  Pediatric Audiology case history

Questions about fees or payments?
» Contact the Billing Coordinator at 316-978-3166 or slhclinic@wichita.edu.

Please contact our office to discuss your needs. The front office staff can schedule an appointment for clients needing hearing services. For speech and language services, you will be sent an information packet with some forms to fill out and return prior to scheduling services. This will help establish the payment level for the services you are to receive from the Clinic.

Prior to an appointment, it is your responsibility to find out whether the therapy will be paid for by your insurance company. Payment is due at the time of service. Thank you for your cooperation with this process.

We look forward to seeing you at the Clinic!