Speech and Language Services

We provide Speech and Language services for people of all ages. Areas that we evaluate and treat include:

  • Articulation
  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Voice
  • Speech fluency and stuttering
  • Social skills
  • Pediatric feeding and swallowing
  • Speech-language disorders following a stroke, head trauma or laryngectomy
  • Speech-language disorders requiring alternative and augmentative communication

We also offer area-specific programs and support groups that meet at the clinic for aphasia, autism, fluency, literacy, feeding and more. Please contact us for more information.

This is the best speech program we have been in. We appreciate the individualized, detailed approach to our son’s therapy. He has improved a lot since we started. Thanks so much for all you do!
Denise and Kurt White

Additional Resources

 Whether you are a new or returning client, we are pleased you chose us to serve your needs.

Questions about enrolling or re-enrolling in the Clinic? 
» Call us at 316-978-3289.
» Submit a Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic Request Information Form.
» Speech and Language services client forms are located on the Client Enrollment Information page.

Questions about fees or payments?
» Contact the Billing Coordinator at 316-978-3166 or slhclinic@wichita.edu.

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