Speech and Language Services

The Wichita State University Evelyn Hendren Cassat Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapy services for a wide range of communication disorders across all age groups.

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Diagnostic Clinic

The language and speech skills of children and adults are evaluated using a team approach. Student clinicians learning to become speech-language pathologists participate on a diagnostic team consisting of 2-4 members. These teams work with their supervisor to plan and carry out evaluations and to make recommendations to clients as appropriate. An evaluation may include formal and informal assessment procedures.

Formal procedures include administration of a test such as the Preschool Language Scale-Three (PLS-3), which is used to help decide how well children from birth to the age of six understand and express language when compared to their peers.

Informal procedures consist of clients participating in activities designed to assess their communication skills in a variety of contexts, such as observing the client's communication skills when interacting with family members or participating in a spontaneous conversation with the clinician.

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