WSU Community Partners:

Autism Interdisciplinary Diagnostic Team (AIDT)

Austism diagnostic clinic room

Interprofessional Initiative Description

The Wichita State University - Community Partners: Autism Interdisciplinary Diagnostic Team (WSU-CP: AIDT) was initiated in the spring of 2012. Since that time, 133 students, clinical educators, faculty, and community professionals, representing at least 10 different allied health and education disciplines have come together via a pre-professional interdisciplinary field experience/practicum. These students and professionals have provided diagnostic services for 22 young children and their families in Kansas who present with characteristics of autism spectrum disorders.

As active participants, department faculty and CEs are asked to recruit and select students (each semester, or for a full academic year) to participate on the AIDT. All students are required to enroll in a field-based experience and/or an appropriate class within their respective program. Stakeholders, including faculty and CEs supervising students, agree to participate in four diagnostic sessions each semester. This ensures that students from various professions have multiple opportunities to work together, while observing collaboration among university and community professionals.

Initiative Target/Goal

This team was developed for two purposes: (1) to train undergraduate and graduate students via a hands-on interprofessional education (IPE) model, to better recognize the characteristics of ASD, as well as screen, assess, and refer children who demonstrate signs of ASD and their families; and (2) provide a highly needed to service to children and families throughout South Central Kansas. We provide this experience 4 times each semester (both fall and spring); thus, 8 per academic calendar year.

Unit(s) Involved in the Initiative

The following departments have (or are) participating on the AIDT, including: CSD (Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology), Early Childhood Special Education, Clinical Psychology, Physical Therapy, Dental Hygiene, Physician Assistants, Social Work, the School of Nursing, and the Department of Public Health Sciences. Our community partner is the University of Kansas School of Medicine – Wichita (KUMed-W) (represented by a developmental pediatrician and an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse).

Initiative Person of Contact / Director:

Trisha Self, PhD, CCC-SLP
Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders