Clash Build Cash

A WSU Center for Entrepreneurship Competition

Developing diverse business skills sets and putting them to the test.

Calling all Wichita State University students with a thirst for creativity and fun! Clash Build Cash is your chance to shine, regardless of your academic background.

Clash Build Cash offers a unique chance to hone essential professional skills like strategic decision-making, adaptability, and innovative thinking. In this competitive multi-player game hosted on Venture Valley, you can reimagine what it means to start and run a business as you compete for $6,000 in prizes.

We are excited to witness students pushing their boundaries, utilizing their strategic prowess, and showcasing their creativity using the Venture Valley business simulation platform. Whether you're a fellow student or someone eager to witness the next generation of business innovators in action, you're encouraged to join us. Be part of the excitement and celebrate the brilliance of Wichita State University students.

Join Clash Build Cash and equip yourself with skills and knowledge needed to excel in the Shocker New Venture Competition.


The competiton has concluded, but tune back later for another exciting competition!

In the mean time, feel free to explore what the last competition was like!

Key Dates for 2024

Event: Date: Time: Location:
Registrations Due Wednesday, March 20 Noon Online Submission
Clash Build Cash Competition March 21 12 pm - 5 pm John Bardo Center, Lobby

How to Participate

Get ready for a thrilling day of innovation and excitement at the Clash Build Cash tournament! Mark your calendars for March 21st, and head over to the John Bardo Center Lobby, where the action unfolds.

Competitors are welcome to join in anytime between 12 - 5 PM with each match lasting 10 minutes. The more 10 minute matches you participate in, the greater your chances to claim victory!

Competition Prizes:

1st place: $2,000
2nd place: $1,000
3rd place: $500
4th - 8th place: $100
40 random registered participants: $50

Each match will have four goals to meet. The winner of each goal will recieve a trophy for that goal. At the end of the competition, whomever has the most trophies in a single match becomes the winner. In the event of a tie, the total revenue earned in a match walks away with the prize money. 


Students of WSU are welcome to compete for a total of $6,000 in cash prizes as they test their ability to run and manage businesses against others.

Students interested in competing are to apply olnine as an individual, not as a team.

Pre Competition Prep

The competition is going to be held using Venture Valley. Venture Valley is a multi-player business-building game where you pit your business strategy against competitors. Build your businesses from scratch, and turn up the heat with a card playing system that lets you slam down Adversity or use Boost cards! Earn money and reinvest in your hustle by upgrading your HQ and show everyone who really runs the Valley.

We highly recommend you download Venture Valley and play through the tutorials before the competition. Here are some advantages of playing the Venture Valley Tutorials:
  • Master Game Mechanics: Tutorials help you understand the ins and outs of Venture Valley, ensuring you're well-prepared to navigate the game confidently.
  • Maximize Fun: Learning the ropes through tutorials enhances your overall gaming experience and enjoyment.
  • Level the Playing Field: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gamer, tutorials ensure everyone starts on more equal footing, promoting fair competition.
  • Strategic Card Mastery: Explore tutorials to become a master of strategic card usage, giving you an edge in the game.
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes: Learning from tutorials helps you avoid common mistakes that can set you back in the competition.

This prep work not only gives you an advantage competing, it is a necessary step to ensure you are all set to go the day of the competition. Competitors will need to bring the device they downloaded Venture Valley on.

The Day of the Competition          

  • Between noon and 5:00 pm sign-in to compete at the John Bardo Center, in the lobby. That is where you will be given the lobby code needed to play. Once a multiplayer lobby accumulates two or more participants, the game will automatically start after a brief wait.
  • Once you check in and recieve that code, you can play from anywhere. For those staying with us in the John Bardo Center, food and drinks will be provided and random prizes given out.
  • If you have not done so already create an account within the Venture Valley game. Click on the settings button (cogwheel) click on Create Account, and then Sign Up With Email. Afterwards, click on the PLAY button, navigate to the multiplayer section, and enter the lobby using the invite code.
  • To check your position on the leaderboards, please locate a leaderboard display, or visit and type in the lobby code.
  • A mentor overlaying some of the gameplay.
  • A screencapture mid game that shows a glimpse of the venture valley location.
  • A competitor leans forward intent on making the best plays.
  • A competitor plays Venture Valley using her phone and is focused deeply.
  • Three competitors seated around a round table compete on Venture Valley.
  • Two competitors sit facing each other as they face off in Venture Valley.
  • A competitor and a host talking at the registration table, getting set up to compete.
  • Three competitors sit together playing in front of some Venture Valley backdrops.
  • Three competitors sit together playing in front of the table of food.
  • A group of five people sit chatting, eating, and competing, on Venture Valley.
  • Two competitors are seated together as they compete in Venture Valley.
  • A competitor reclines in a comfy chair as they compete in Venture Valley using their phone.
  • Two competitors sit together eating and competing in Venture Valley.

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