Exchange Spotlight Nadira

Nadira Ruiz Diaz Acuña

Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay
Instituto Nacional de Educación Superior "Dr. Raúl Peña"
English Language Education
Spring 2024

What has been your favorite experience so far?

I'm really enjoying the activities that WSU offers. Besides classes, I have participated in so many extracurricular activities inside campus. These activities are related to sports, music, and so many other events that help students get along with each other and also have fun!

Are you getting any unique experiences that will contribute to your career?

Absolutely. Since my career is related to education, I am learning new teaching techniques from the professors by paying attention to their classes and taking notes of their different dynamics during class time. I would like to be able to implement these techniques in the future as a professional. In addition, I'm also learning how to express myself using the English language during classes.

What is your experience with our international buddy program?

During the international buddy program I got to meet Treven, my buddy. He is so nice and funny. Treven helped me a lot since I arrived and thanks to him I got to know Wichita way better. We talk and learn a lot about each other's culture and experiences.

Exchange Spotlight Tim

Tim Grabow

Berlin School of Economics and Law
Business Administration
Spring 2024                                                                                                                                    

What is your experience with our international buddy program?

The buddy program is a great initiative from WSU. I am very impressed by how helpful every single buddy is. They take is very seriously and are more than engaged. My buddy Alex already took me to various WSU sport events and has helped me whenever I asked him. I really appreciate that, and I am looking forward to all the upcoming activities during the semester.

Are you getting any unique experiences that will contribute toward your career?

My experiences in the brand-new business building at Barton School of Business are amazing so far. I am very lucky and grateful to be able to learn from professors and entrepreneurs like Mr. Rawson and Mr. Dahl. I love the American mindset when it comes to entrepreneurship and how practice-oriented the lectures are designed. I am not only learning about business, communication, and entrepreneurship, but also about live in general. Besides, the campus life is very agile and full of activities and interactions with American and international students which creates a brilliant atmosphere to study, learn, and grow.

Why did you choose WSU?

First of all, WSU is one of a few universities in the U.S. that offers a short-term exchange program starting in January which was perfect for me as my previous semester in Singapore ended in December. Furthermore, the great organization and communication of the WSU International Office made the application process very comfortable. The campus, many sports facilities, student life, and the Business School were also decisive factors.

Exchange Spotlight Yejin

Yejin Han

South Korea
Dankook University
Political Science
Fall 2023

Why did you choose WSU?

WSU has various programs for international students and is well organized. And I thought WSU would be a good place to focus on studying and experience college life in the United States, and it is.

What has been your favorite experience so far?

Compared to my home university, WSU gives me the opportunity to participate in many kinds of activities (e.g., sports activities, help with studies, club events etc.) at school. I participated in many kinds of school events like Shocker Rowing, garage party, karaoke party, eating international foods and so on. So, I cannot choose just one, but the most exciting thing for me is that I can enjoy table tennis, pool game and making and sharing some dishes almost every day with my friends in our dorm, the Flats.

What is your experience with our international buddy program?

It is really helpful to know the school system and environment, especially Wichita. WSU buddy friends sincerely want to help their international buddy friends.

Exchange Spotlight Patricia

Patricia Medina

Capiatá, Paraguay
Instituto Nacional de Educación Superior "Dr. Raúl Peña"
English Language
Fall 2023                                                                                                                                    

What is your experience with our international buddy program?

Personally, applying for the international buddy program was one of the greatest decisions that I have made. My buddy is called Rachel. She is so nice. The best part is that we can share our cultures and experiences together, and I am proud to say that we have made a friendship already.

What has been your favorite experience at WSU so far?

Education matters, as does people's diversity. As far as education is concerned, professors give feedback on every assignment and want you not only to reach a grade but also to learn what they teach. Talking about diversity, here it is a highlighted affair, and being able to be completely yourself is something really appreciated.

Are you getting any unique experiences that will contribute toward your career?

Yes, without doubt. I am enhancing my previous knowledge related to my career and also learning new things that will help me in my future profession. I am also learning how to be more independent and how to get along with others using the English language.

Exchange Spotlight Greg

Gregory Vogel

Université de Strasbourg
Sports Sciences
Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Why did you choose WSU?

I chose WSU for the variety of courses in my major which is Human Sport Performance. On the other hand, I received an answer less than 24 hours after my first mail. It was a very kind and friendly answer, I really felt safe and confident.

What has been your experience with our international buddy program?

I feel this is really nice. We do not feel alone and it's very nice to have someone that is our direct mentor. Raul is very kind and I enjoy spending time with him! :)

Would you recommend WSU to other exchange students?

Definitely yes!!! Courses and teachers are really great, administration people are really kind and effective. The campus is nice, food is good, everything here is made for you to succeed in a peaceful environment.

Exchange Spotlight Gabriel

Gabriel Villanueva Doldán

San Lorenzo, Paraguay
Universidad Nacional de Asunción
Political Science
Fall 2023                                                                                                                                    

What is your favorite part of studying abroad at WSU?

My favorite part of studying abroad at WSU is being immersed into the diversity of cultures, ethnics, languages, religions and traditions that easily can be found at any place here on campus. I also love the environment here, it is a mix between nature, art and science. On the entire campus, there are plenty of plazas and halls with worldwide artworks; gardens, fields and vegetation everywhere that make the landscape quite beautiful and joyful.

Would you recommend WSU to other BECAL students?

With no hesitation, I would recommend WSU to other BECAL students. In a globalized world, I absolutely believe that this kind of experience contributes to get a better understanding about differences and similarities within the world in order to shape a more peaceful and tolerant international community, and WSU is the perfect place to pursuit it. Academically speaking, WSU's faculty and staff are all the time encouraging students to reach the maximum of what they can do, rather than the minimum of what they need to get by, and that marks a huge difference in a student's life.

Antonio Spotlight

Antonio Acosta

Mbocayaty, Paraguay
Universidad Nacional de Caaguazú
Civil Engineering
Fall 2023

Why did you choose WSU?

I decided to attend Wichita State University because of its rich cultural diversity and the availability of excellent academic programs that align with my interests and goals.

What has been your favorite experience so far?

One of the most cherished aspects of my university experience has been the opportunity to build meaningful connections with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. It's truly special because, while I've had the privilege to meet people form all over the world, the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere of the campus makes it feel like a home away from home.

What is your favorite course you are taking and why? Does this contribute to your degree?

My favorite course that I'm currently taking is "Environmental Engineering Technology." It's not only a fascinating subject in its own right but also significantly contributes to my degree in Civil Engineering. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the environmental aspects related to civil engineering projects, which is crucial for sustainable and responsible infrastructure development.

Exchange Spotlight Saya

Saya Inaba

Aoyama Gakuin University
Fall 2022 - Spring 2023


Would you recommend WSU to other exchange students and why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend WSU.

WSU has friendly and very helpful staff, teachers and students. They welcome exchange students and are always willing to help me when I have difficulties. WSU also has a buddy program. I believe I can have a lifetime relationship with my buddy. WSU is the best place for exchange students to grow both educationally and personally.

What is your favorite part of studying abroad at WSU and why?

My favorite part of studying abroad at WSU is making wonderful friends from all over the world. We often hang out and teach each other about our own cultures. It is very interesting to learn about their unique cultures and traditions that I didn't know before. Also, WSU has many fun events every month, so we can make lots of awesome memories with friends.

Exchange Spotlight Irantzu

Irantzu Lamarca

University of Deusto
Fall 2022 - Spring 2023


What has been your favorite experience so far?    

I would say my favorite experience has been anything related to sports, especially basketball. I love that sports here are encouraged so much, whether it's free memberships to gyms and classes like F45, or free tickets for students to be able to go watch WSU teams. I also love the atmosphere at the games, especially the basketball games, everyone gets so involved and everyone is so passionate about it. It's something I really enjoy.

Would you recommend WSU to other exchange students and why?

I would definitely recommend WSU to other exchange students. It has a wide academic offer, the classes are very interesting and the teachers are very good. The campus is also great, both the facilities and the housing accommodations. There is always some event organized for each day and there is a wide range of activities to sign up for in your free time. Also, the people here are very welcoming and charming, there is always someone willing to help you.


Exchange Spotlight Kevin

Kevin Karrer

Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt
Mechatronics and Microsystem Technology
Fall 2022


Why did you choose WSU?    

It is still like a dream for me to study here in the U.S. If someone told me 5 years ago that I would study one semester here, I would never have believed them. And here I am standing in one of the best universities I have ever been to! We have so many events on campus, all the people I meet are nice and happy! I am so glad that I came to WSU!

What is your favorite course you are taking and why?            

My favorite course is "Intro Strength/Mechanics of Materials". For me, it is one of the hardest and most interesting courses I take! We learn how different forces result in different results, from break to bending.