Exchange Spotlight Lindsey Kim

Lindsey Kim

South Korea
Dankook University
Business Administration
Spring 2022


Would you recommend WSU to other exchange         students?

Definitely yes! All the people here are really nice and kind. Most of the students here are always willing to help us whenever I have a problem.

What is your favorite experience so far?

There are various curriculums that we are available to take! I am taking horsemanship and yoga class since we don't have any extraordinary classes in my home university. It was my first time to actually ride a horse, and so far, it has been my best experience in my life in Wichita!

Exchange Spotlight Ana

Ana Jara

Universidad Americana
International Relations
Spring 2022


Why did you choose WSU?

It is simple, WSU offers everything an exchange student looks for. From its campus facilities to the academic excellence and professors it is a perfect place to experience what it's like to study at an American university. Moreover, WSU has people from different nationalities, which brings diversity into the student life.

What is your favorite course you are taking and why? Does it contribute towards your degree?

It is hard to choose one out of the amazing courses I'm taking a WSU since all of them highly contribute to my degree. Successful Negotiations is definitely one of my favorite ones because it makes me aware of how good negotiations can contribute not only to business success or to build better relationships but also to minimize tensions and disputes as much as possible, which is key in the international field.

I'm also getting the chance to learn a new language! The course of Elementary French is a challenge but I am surely enjoying it so much.

Exchange Spotlight Mikel

Mikel Bilbao

University of Deusto
Sports Science
Fall 2021 - Spring 2022


What is your experience with our international buddy program?

Thanks to this program I have had the pleasure of meeting what is now a good friend of mine. Jonatan has always been a person dedicated to others and his loved ones. He doesn't need anything in return because the love he gives to others makes him feel complete. Meeting his family and taking the time to share his culture with me has been one of the most valuable gifts I have received.

Would you recommend WSU to other exchange students?

Of course! I never thought I would live in such a big university, but I've been informed by long-time students that this university isn't big compared to some others. I'm still doing new things every week without needing to be off-campus. I think they are on another level in student services and support. Also, people here are always willing to help and do favors without waiting to get anything in return.

Koki Exchange Student Spotlight

Koki Murakami

Kanai Gaidai University
English Language & Communication
Spring 2022


What is your experience with our international buddy program?

Even before I arrived at Wichita State University, I kept in touch with my buddy. Two days after my arrival, he took me to the store to get some daily necessities, and another day he took me to the zoo. This kind of program has been very helpful not only for me but also for other students who are preparing to study abroad to ease their fears and anxieties before studying abroad. Not only that, but it is also a good opportunity to speak English as a second language.

What has been your favorite experience so far?

All the people I have met at this university, whether students or professors, have been kind. I have a disadvantage in that I can't speak English like a native speaker, but when I tell my classmates and professors about this disadvantage, they always pay attention to me and listen to me until I finish speaking. This is the most memorable experience I have had, and I feel that thanks to them, I will be able to grow in both my English and communication skills during my time here.


Sabrina Exhange Spotlight

Sabrina Harrich

Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt
Industrial Engineering
Fall 2021


What has been your favorite experience so far?

My favorite experience so far is the general feeling of staying in a completely different place. The American culture has so many positive things, for example, all the open minded people that welcome you to their homes and put so much effort into making you feel good in the U.S. It's also such a good opportunity to meet a lot of new people from different countries and especially, to get to know YOURSELF better.

What is your favorite course you are taking and why?

My favorite course is 'Entrepreneurial Experience' because the professor treats us very respectfully. He really talks WITH us and not just in front of us and that's what makes classes special. He mentioned topics and sentences that were not just good for our future business, he also made me think about it in my private life.



Julian Exchange Spotlight

Julian Pollet

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Biomedical Engineering
Fall 2021


What is your favorite part of studying at WSU?

I was surprised by the variety of events and activities offered at WSU. While universities in Germany are mostly a place to study and learn, WSU offers a comprehensive program of activities before and after classes. Having been here for almost 2 months, there has never been a dull moment.

Are you getting an unique experiences that will contribute towards your career?

As an engineering student, I find subjects like materials science and robotics fundamental to my career. These subjects are required by many master's programs in Germany, yet my university does not offer either subject. At WSU, I can take both subjects and have access to very well-equipped labs where I can program robotic arms and sensors.