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What is the International Buddy Program?

The International Buddy Program pairs incoming international short-term students with Wichita State students to help them integrate into life here in the U.S. and at WSU for one semester. The program also provides international short-term students an opportunity to have a friend and resource when they arrive and throughout their time on campus. It gives WSU students a chance to practice language skills, learn about other cultures and gain a friend! You and your buddy can decide how often you want to do things together and what activities you are both interested in doing.

What are the expectations of a U.S. buddy?

We want everyone to enjoy their time as a buddy so we leave most of the decision-making up to you and your buddy. However, we do have a few expectations:

  1. Serve as a resource and good role model to your buddy as they get acquainted with WSU and U.S. culture for one semester.
  2. Have an open mind to learning about other cultures/countries and be respectful about any differences.
  3. Meet with your buddy at least once a month throughout the entire semester aside from the group events/activities.
  4. Attend our Meet N Greet, which is held at the beginning of the semester.
  5. Attend any events that are held for the entire Buddy Program that are coordinated by our office (usually 3 or 4 events a semester—1 a month).
  6. Offer assistance to your buddy by helping them navigate how to purchase textbooks, giving a campus tour, taking them to Walmart, etc.
What activities can buddies do together?

You and your buddy can decide together whatever activities the two of you would like to do! (Keep in mind your buddy will not have a car.) Here are some activity ideas:

  • Get a cup of coffee in the RSC
  • Study together
  • Attend a sporting event
  • Visit a museum
  • Have a picnic in the park
  • Go for a bike or scooter ride
  • Go on a campus/Wichita tour
  • Visit the Keeper of the Plains
  • Try new restaurants (or food trucks)
  • Check out Tanganyika or the zoo
  • Have a movie night
  • Play pickle ball at Chicken N Pickle
  • Attend a WSU event (comedians, Karaoke, Springfest, Shockers after dark, etc.)
  • Visit Botanica
  • Go Bowling
  • Visit Cowtown
  • Go to the farmers market in Old Town
  • Take your buddy to family events (if the two of you are comfortable with it)
Is there a financial obligation to be a part of the program?

NO! The Buddy Program is completely free. The activities that you choose to do can be free such as studying, having a movie night, or exploring downtown. The amount of money you spend is completely up to you. You should also be mindful of the cost of any activities when you invite your buddy so that they will be aware and can plan accordingly.

How can I be a part of the program?

Applications for the Fall 2024 Buddy Program will open on April 1. The deadline to apply is April 12. Please apply here.

Where can I find more information?

Please email studyabroad@wichita.edu if you need further information or have questions.