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Welcome Faculty & Staff

Faculty, advisors, and staff play a vital role in internationalizing the student experience at WSU.  Faculty and advisors develop unique learning opportunities for students abroad, motivate students to seek study abroad experiences, assist students in identifying those experiences that fit into degree and career planning, and support the transfer credit process for WSU students.  Staff across the campus ensure seamless student services for study abroad participants.

WSU Study Abroad Programs appreciates all of the encouragement, support and guidance that faculty, advisors and staff provide to students who are beginning the study abroad journey.  We welcome your ideas and look forward to working with you to further enhance and expand the study abroad opportunities on offer for our students.

What You Can Do

Academic advisors and faculty can impact a student’s decision to participate in a study abroad program and we need your help to share about our programs with students.

  • Encourage students to attend a study abroad information session during their first semester. It is never too early to start planning for a study abroad program.
  • Mention study abroad in your classes or during advising appointments. Request a study abroad presentation for your classroom or student organization. This form can be found under the "Request a Classroom Presentation" section.
  • Promote and attend study abroad events offered each semester. You can join our faculty/staff email listserv to receive updates.  To join our listserv, please email us at studyabroad@wichita.edu
  • Reach out to us if you have questions or ideas/suggestions related to study abroad.  We are always happy to help and enjoy receiving feedback from faculty/staff.  Please email us at studyabroad@wichita.edu
Advise Students Interested in Study Abroad
  • First step, please encourage them to attend a study abroad information session during their first semester.
  • If you studied abroad or know other students who have, be sure to share about those experiences with your students. There are so many benefits of studying abroad and students need to hear those from their mentors.
  • We encourage all students to consider a study abroad program and not let any factor hold them back from seeking those opportunities. Our staff is available to talk with students regarding any concerns that they have. 
  • WSU offers different types of study abroad programs. We have exchange partner universities (includes MAUI consortium), Faculty-led programs and independent program providers.  Details on the different programs
  • We have additional resources for advisors based on major/minor for some of our popular programs with exchange partner universities and other key program partners.
  • Students can apply for many scholarships to help with the costs and we also have many programs that allow for students to pay regular WSU tuition fees.  Our staff can help students find the right program and scholarships to make it affordable.
Course Equivalency Information for Advisors
  • Our staff will facilitate the course evaluation process for all transfer credit from universities located outside of the United States. Advisors can contact us to request courses to be evaluated. 
  • Many courses for our exchange partner universities are already entered in Banner. For each exchange partner university, there is a class equivalency list on our website.
  • Academic Advisors are asked to meet with the student prior to leaving for a study abroad program and complete the advisor section on the Academic Course Approval Form.
Request a Classroom Presentation
  • We are always excited to give short presentations about study abroad. We can also customize the presentation based on your particular class and interests.
  • The classroom presentation can be as short as 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes in length depending on the faculty’s preference. A 5 minute presentation gives a quick overview about study abroad, while a 30 minute presentation would go more in depth about our programs and provide student testimonial experiences as well as short videos.
  • Please complete the form below to request a study abroad presentation.
Preferred Duration of the Presentation*
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Faculty Interested in Developing a Study Abroad Program