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Study Abroad Program Options

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WSU Exchange Programs

This is your basic foreign exchange program. Wichita State agrees to admit one foreign exchange student from a selected university for every one of our students they accept. These agreements allow WSU Students to pay their regular tuition and fees to WSU, which makes study abroad extremely affordable for most students. Currently, WSU has agreements with universities in France, Japan, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, South Korea and England. Learn More >>

MAUI Consortium

MAUI Consortium allows students to study at universities within the Utrecht Network in Europe, please visit their website for more information and for a list of partner universities. Learn More >>

WSU Faculty Led Programs

These programs are directly tied to WSU and are led by members of the University’s faculty. They are generally offered during the summer or spring break. Programs include opportunities such as to study Spanish in Mexico, Global Entrepreneurship in France, travel seminars, and more. Learn More >>

Short-term/Summer Programs

These programs are offered through many different options including exchange partner universities, WSU Faculty-led programs, ISEP and other independent program providers. With the short-term programs, students are able to study abroad for 1 to 8 weeks. There are several options that allow students to pay regular WSU tuition and fees. Learn More >>

Independent Program Providers

Can't find a WSU Exchange program that fits your interest? Don't worry because these independent program providers might be your solution. While these programs are not directly associated with WSU, they are also excellent ways to study in another country and earn credit toward your degree. We can help you choose a program that’s right for you and guide you through the application process. Learn More >>