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The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program is a federal program administered by the Department of State which fosters the mutual exchange of ideas between Americans and foreign nationals by means of educational and cultural exchanges, and to stimulate international collaborative teaching, studying, and research efforts. The Exchange Visitor Program provides eligible foreign nationals with opportunities to participate in exchange programs in the United States and then return home to share their experiences. The Exchange Visitor Program promotes international interchange, mutual enrichment and linkages between research and educational institutions in the United States and those of other countries. You may refer to the U.S. State Department's Exchange Visitor Program's brochure in PDF format at

The U.S. Department of State created the J-1 exchange visitor program with the purpose of providing citizens of other countries with opportunities to participate in educational and cultural programs in the United States and return home to share their experiences. Programs are expected to promote exposure and interchange between exchange visitors and Americans so as to increase their mutual understanding of each other's society, culture, and institutions. In addition to the academic or professional goals of your program, be sure to take advantage of opportunities for cultural exchange within the university and the wider community. Be sure to check your email often for information about free events sponsored by WSU departments including the Office of International Education.