Budget Software (TM1) Training

Budget Training for Fiscal Year 2024

The time for submission of FY 2024 annual budget requests is fast approaching. If you are a budget officer or review officer, annual training on the budgeting system and process is required and can be found in the myWSU toolbox in a virtual format. We will also hold three open labs on April 27, May 3 and May 10 to provide more targeted one-on-one training; please sign up through MyTraining on MyWSU.

Here's information on planned dates for completing the various phases of the budget process. Please keep in mind these dates, except for the training, may fluctuate pending state actions.

- Monday, April 24 -- Budget training begins, TM1 open for changes
- Friday, May 19 -- Final day for budget and review officers to enter requests in the system
- Friday, May 26 -- Final day for vice presidents to review/enter requests in the system

TM1 Budget System

TM1 Training Video

TM1 Reports Video

TM1 Training Guide

Budget Development Handout

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your budget analyst or the Budget Office at 978-3030.