Faculty of Distinction Funding

The Kansas Partnership for Faculty of Distinction Program was enacted by the Kansas
legislature in 2000 to assist eligible educational institutions in attracting and retaining highly
qualified faculty. Through a partnership among the institutions, private donors, and the State of
Kansas, qualified gifts to an endowment association are matched by the State at an interest
earnings equivalent rate. The institutions are required to use the earnings on the endowed funds
to support the professorships established through the Program.  Within the university's financial system, the state match is deposited in a "R" fund within the college, while foundation endowments are deposited in a "D" fund.

Faculty of Distinction at WSU

  • State funding match allocations are received from KBOR and deposited in state match holding org/fund 101519/R10620. 
  • Foundation prepares summary tables outlining endowment funding per the individual endowment award.
  • Budget Office prepares initial tables to facilitate the calculation of position
    reassignments for use of the available funding, for consideration of the college. The
    college will review, make appropriate changes based on discussions with the FOD
    faculty, and then resubmit the form to the Budget Office for processing of the position
    re-assignments through ePAF’s. Any OOE adjustments in comparison to the current
    budget are processed by the college either directly in the university’s financial system or by submission of an Budget Adjustment Form. Example provided here.
  • Budget Office and Financial Operations prepares and processes cash transfers from the state match holding org/fund to the appropriate college “R” fund. Colleges verify that the correct org/fund is reflected in the table.
  • Colleges request from the Foundation transfers of endowment earnings to their appropriate "D" fund based on their plans for use and in accordance with the provisions of the endowment award.
  • Budget Office prepares and submits funding change ePAFs through the normal process to adjust position splits in accordance with the college's plan for use of available funding for the current fiscal year.