University Budget Office

Areas of Responsibility

  • Promoting fiscal responsibility within the University community by providing technical assistance and analysis in planning, administering and monitoring the budget process.
  • Preparing budget documents for use in monitoring and controlling the ongoing operations of the University so that revenues and expenditures remain within legislative appropriations and policies of the Kansas Board of Regents.
  • Preparing materials needed for acquisition of resources within the guidelines of the Kansas Board of Regents and the State of Kansas.
  • Processing of all personnel forms in conformity with the approved budget and position allocations.

WSU Budget Manual

Budget Manual available here.

Budget Development Cycle

The budget development process is a year-long process that includes multiple stages and several state agencies, including the Kansas Division of the Budget, Kansas Legislative Research Department, and the Kansas Board of Regents. In a traditional year, WSU’s budget development cycle kicks-off in July with development of the state budget submission to the Kansas Division of the Budget, with the cycle ending in June with adoption and publication of the budget.  

Budget Cycle

Key milestones outlined by month

  • State budgeting system opens to kick off next budget cycle (revised current fiscal year and next fiscal year initial estimate)
  • University Budget Office prepares budget submission
  • State Finance Council may meet
  • Kansas Board of Regents budget workshop held
  • State budget completed and submitted in IBARS (Sept. 15)
  • KBOR State General Fund budget request submitted
  • Fall 20th day census data
  • Preparation for upcoming budget cycle
  • Initial state consensus revenue estimates released
  • Kansas Division of the Budget (KDOB) recommendations sent to the Governor
  • Governor's Budget appeal letter
  • University Budget Advisory Committee convenes
  • Call for General Use new funding proposals
  • Governor's recommended budget released
  • Call for SGA student support services fee funding requests
  • Legislative session begins
  • Evaluation of proposed changes to College/Departments student fees begins (fees generating more than $250K are adopted by KBOR)
  • Review of draft state appropriations bill from KDOB
  • General Use new funding proposals and SGA student support services fee funding requests due (early February)
  • Development of General Use base budget targets for Divisions/Colleges/Departments
  • Review of strategic General Use new funding proposals with the Budget Advisory Committee
  • Tuition revenue estimating team convenes following spring census, formulates credit hour production estimates to assist in development of tuition revenue projections for the upcoming budget cycle (late February)
  • Senate Ways and Means and House Appropriations Committee - legislative support of Gov. budget recommendations and legislative recommendations start to emerge
  • SGA student support services fee hearing and budget adoption
  • Initial General Use base budget targets reviewed with Divisions/Colleges/Departments, feedback regarding needs
  • Preparation of KBOR Tuition and Fee Proposal kicks off
  • Tuition revenue estimating team finalizes recommendations
  • Video and in-person budget training begins
  • Budgeting System (TM1) opens, Divisions/Colleges/Departments submit their budget requests based on their developed business plans for the upcoming fiscal year (late April)
  • Evaluation of credit hour estimates and tuition rate recommendations finalized
  • Review with SGA Student Fees Committee the KBOR Tuition and Fee Proposal
  • Proposed fee and tuition rate changes finalized, preparation of KBOR tuition and fee proposal finished
  • Update to State consensus revenue estimates released (guides appropriation bill adoption)
  • Legislature traditionally adopts appropriation bills, but may delay some or all decisions to omnibus
  • KBOR Tuition and Fee Proposal due (early May)
  • Legislative omnibus session and Legislature adjourns (mid-May)
  • KBOR Tuition and Fee Proposal first read (mid-May)
  • Divisions/Colleges/Departments complete budget submissions (late May)
  • Budget Office completes adopted budget (first week of June)
  • Budget loaded to Banner (second week of June)
  • First payroll of new fiscal year - FY 2024 starts (third week of June)
  • KBOR Tuition and Fee proposal adopted (mid-June)
  • Adopted budget book published and posted to web