Our mission is to serve as the University's primary point of contact with elected and appointed local, state and federal government officials. The office develops strategies and activities to ensure consideration by federal, state and local government officials of university and other public proposals appropriations. In addition, it holds the charge of overseeing and implementing legislative and regulatory relationships with the Congress, State Legislature, City Council, County Commission, and governmental offices and agencies at all levels.

This charge is carried out through the following goals:

  • Seek and pursue opportunities to advance the research and public service mission of the university
  • Identify and secure adequate financial support to allow the university to fulfill its metropolitan mission
  • Provide an official point of contact for federal, state, and local elected and appointed officials
  • Initiate and participate in the development of research and higher education policy discussions at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Provide assistance to administration, faculty, and staff in working through the legislative process
  • Monitor regulatory and legislative activities at all levels of government
  • Maintain up-to-date or legislative information for use by university personnel