Guidelines for Official Communications with Government Officials

University employees, when acting or purporting to act in a representative or official capacity on behalf of or for Wichita State University, should first notify the Director of Governmental Relations prior to initiating any contact with, or before responding to, any contacts, requests or inquiries made by any elected or appointed federal, state, and/or local governmental officials or their respective staffs.

All University activities involving or related to said federal, state and/or local governmental officials or their respective staffs must be developed in advance consultation with the Director to insure the University's official position is being properly and appropriately presented and/or to provide for a coordinated and professional response on behalf of the University and its various constituencies. Additionally, the Director will assist in the University's compliance with applicable laws, regulations or ordinances concerning these types of communications or interactions.

It is important to remember that when contacting public officials as a private citizen it is not appropriate to utilize university resources (letterhead, paper, computers, fax machines, etc.) or prepare any such materials during business hours.

Political Activity WSU Policies and Procedures Manual - Unclassified