Establishment of WSU Internal Audit

Walter Williams served as WSU's first Director of Internal Audit from December 1975 until March 1990. Craig Hutton, Internal Auditor at Northern Arizona University, was hired to succeed Mr. Williams. Mr. Hutton served only from September 1990 to January 1991 before returning to Northern Arizona. Chris Cavanaugh, Assistant Vice President for Internal Audit at Farm Credit Bank of Wichita, was subsequently hired as Director of Internal Audit and began his tenure on June 3, 1991.

Adoption of Kansas Board of Regents Internal Audit Function Policy

To reflect its enhanced interest in internal auditing, the Kansas Board of Regents adopted an Internal Audit Function Policy effective October 17, 1996. The policy specifies that each state university shall have an internal audit function and provides a framework for implementation. The six state universities have considerable latitude in administering their internal audit function. But the Board, for the first time, clearly expressed its expectations:

  • Each state university shall have an internal audit function (not all did).
  • The internal audit director shall report directly to the university’s chief executive officer.
  • Each state university shall develop and maintain an internal audit plan.
  • Any material financial weakness or fraud finding shall be reported directly to the Board President.

Subsequent Revisions to the Internal Audit Function Policy

Effective April 1, 2010, the Board revised its Internal Audit Policy. This revision specifies that each internal audit department will report to the Board's Fiscal Affairs and Audit Committee annually. Written reports summarizing the prior year's activities, and plans for the coming year, are due to the Board office in January each year. The chief auditors then meet with the Fiscal Affairs and Audit Committee soon afterward.

The Board again revised its Internal Audit Function Policy effective October 18, 2012. This revision specifies that each state university shall notify the Fiscal Affairs and Audit Committee in writing of any personnel change in the top university internal auditor position. This revision reflects the Board's continuing interest in the activities of the internal audit function at the state universities.

Quality Assurance Review

In February 2013, WSU Internal Audit was the first Kansas university to complete a Quality Assurance Review. A Quality Assurance Review is a peer review similar to accreditation for an academic program or college. Betsy Bowers, Associate Vice President for Internal Auditing and Management Consulting at the University of West Florida, and Mark Eisenman, Internal Audit Manager at Boise State University, reviewed and validated our self-assessment report and related materials.

Ms. Bowers and Mr. Eisenman found that WSU Internal Audit conforms to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing promulgated by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). Accordingly, they conferred the IIA's top rating to WSU.

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