The annual S'mores and Oars event allows students to enjoy time on the Arkansas River.

Want to spend a day on the river? Boats and Bikes is an equipment and venue rental for locals and visitors alike that offers discounts for Shockers!

One of two Keeper of the Plains sculptures on campus.

Two outdoor sculptures on Wichita State's main campus are part of a bigger story - one that dates back more than 50 years into the city's history.

Pizza Hut Museum sign

What is the story of Wichita State's connection with Pizza Hut? The story behind one of the largest pizza franchises in the world all began with two brothers in the ICT.

Thomas Jefferson statue during a snowy day at Wichita State.

Wichita is known for its chilly, often windy weather once the calendar hits fall and winter. Here are some things to do during that time to enjoy flannel and warm clothes season.

Students enjoying Wichita State's hammock lounge.

Everyone needs some R & R now and then. One of Wichita State's most popular relaxation destination is its outdoor hammock lounge - a peaceful, free escape for Shockers.

The Redbud Trail just south of Wichita State's campus.

Running just south of Wichita State's main campus, the Redbud Trail's 16-mile-long pathway is a great resource for those wanting to get fresh air. The Redbud is also an important connecter to Wichita's trail system.

Wichita State baseball at Riverfront Stadium in downtown Wichita.

Wichita offers plenty of outdoor events in the spring for people to enjoy the weather. Here are just a few popular happenings in the ICT.

Looking west on Douglas Avenue in downtown Wichita.

Compared to to other regional metro areas, Wichita is an affordable option to both live and go to college. Students who live in surrounding metro areas also benefit from receiving in-state tuition rates at Wichita State University.

Five Winter Must-Dos in Wichita.

Students in the Wichita area have plenty of ways to spend their winter break around the city. Read through our top five and have a Happy Holidays from the Office of Admissions staff.

A view of the atrium inside the new Woolsey Hall.

Wayne and Kaye Woolsey Hall broke ground in 2020. On Aug. 22, 2022, the first ever classes were hosted in the new home of the Barton School of Business. Here is a look at the state-of-the-art facility.