Mission: enable rapid qualification and integration of additive manufacturing applications leveraging novel equipment and manufacturing, engineering, and applied research expertise

Testing Services

  • Material equivalence and qualification; static and cyclic; physical; quality assurance, environmental (-200° to 5,000°F)
  • Controlled impact damage
  • Damage tolerance of sandwich panels
  • Effects of defects and NDI standards
  • Nondestructive inspection

Engineering Services

  • Digital Twin
  • Material for Industry 4.0
  • Metal additive manufacturing
  • Lay-up and specimen fabrication
  • Investigation of adhesive behavior
  • Bonded repair
  • Adhesive characterization of bonded joints
  • Automated fiber placement
  • Thermoplastic welding
  • Tape slitting/tow rewinding

National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP)

NCAMP is a shared materials database for additive, thermoset, thermoset repair and thermoplastic materials. 

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