AVET Lab Abilities

  • Adhere to standard test method as outlined by F3389/F3389M
  • Able to meet all impact orientations as outlined by F3389/F3389M – Method B, C, & D
  • Able to accommodate most small unmanned aircrafts (sUA) Categories 1, 2, & 3
  • Capable of achieving both critical speeds & operational speeds for most sUAs
  • Adaptability of test apparatus allows for fixed-wing & rotor-wing sUAs, sUA parts, and rigid impactors
  • Worst case testing for probable impact orientations
  • Photographic & video documentation of testing procedures
  • Data collection using data aquisition, instrumentation, and photometric analysis per SAE J211
  • Generation of reports with data analysis & results
  • Test Summary
  • Testing Capabilities
  • Testing Capabilities

sUA Impact Launcher with Rigid Seat

  • Adjustability to allow for vertical drops, horizontal impacts, and angled impacts
  • Ability to adjust launch speeds to meet various velocity requirements
  • Attachable sled permits a variety of fixtures to be mounted to accommodate the variation in sUA orientations
  • Lift table with fixed mounting plate provides adjustability and stability
  • Rigid Seat offers ability to restrain FAA HIII ATD to increase stability and repeatability of impacts
  • Impact launcher with rigid seat
  • Impact launcher
  • Impact launcher