Hello! My name is Madison Lukert, and I am the Online Business Academic Advisor. My position is unique in that I am part of Wichita State’s Office of Online and Adult Learning, and I serve online students specifically in the Barton School of Business. I enjoy getting to work with two amazing teams!


Academic Interests and Expertise

-Associate of Arts – Liberal Arts, Butler Community College

-Bachelor of Science in Business – Business Administration: Concentration in Human Resources, Emporia State University

-Master of Education – Educational Psychology: Higher Education/Student Affairs, Wichita State University

Other Interests

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I also enjoy volunteering with my church and traveling and experiencing new places.

Bonus Facts:

-I was on a vocal music scholarship during my first two years of college at Butler. This included participating in the concert choir and Headliners show choir (think singing and dancing at the same time). I still enjoy singing today and get to do this regularly with worship band.

-I have never been pulled over or received a driving citation.

-My top three comfort shows are Parks and Recreation, The Office, and New Girl.

Additional Information

I have been advising online business students since January 2023 and advised online students in WSU’s Teacher Apprentice Program for four years prior to that. In total, I have over five years of professional experience in academic advising.

Some guiding principles in my advising practice include student centeredness, advocacy, and development. I value working with online students and helping them navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with balancing their academic goals with their professional and personal lives.

While access to online courses and degree options has always been a priority of mine, my appreciation for online instruction grew when I attended graduate school while working full-time and becoming a first-time mom. The fact that my graduate program instruction was delivered in a hybrid (in-person and online) format allowed me to better balance my commitments as a wife, mother, and working professional.

My number one tip for student success is to never hesitate to reach out when questions or concerns arise. Don’t be afraid to utilize your network of university professionals, including instructors, advisors, financial aid specialists, and support services. We are all here to support you on your academic journey!