A premier dynamic testing facility for the nation’s aircraft and aircraft component manufacturers.
The lab is driven by an MTS Systems accelerator sled system. Facilities include a 1,000 square foot client work/office space and two technical support rooms, a state-of-the-art photographic lighting system and AOS S-VIT High Speed Cameras that can take 1,250 frames per second in high-resolution (800x600) color and more than 10,000 fps at reduced resolution. The new cameras can be placed on the sled, providing the Crash Dynamics Lab with countless camera angle options.

The lab has 17 anthropomorphic crash test dummies including 50th percentile males, a 95th percentile male, a fifth percentile female, and child dummies representing a 12-month-old, three-year-old and six-year-old. All of the dummies are equipped with the necessary regulatory instrumentation.

Facilities & Equipment

  • 4500 sq. ft. laboratory housing 1,000 sq. ft. client office/work space
  • Endevco & Entran accelerometers
  • DSP Technology VXI2850B/8 (96-channel) signal conditioning and analysis system
  • Denton load cells
  • Digital color video system (1,000 fps @ 800 x 600 pixel resolution)
  • In-house calibration laboratory

MTS Model 888.20 Crash Simulator Specifications

  • Nominal force: 2,000 kN (450 kips)
  • Max velocity w/ 1,500 kg: 81 km/h (50 mph)
  • Dynamic response: >150 Hz
  • Acceleration w/ 1,500 kg: 65g
  • Acceleration w/ 1,000 kg: 75g

AOS S-VIT High Speed Cameras

  • 800 x 600 pixel up to 1250fps / 900 x 700 pixel up to 1000fps / 1280 x 1024 up to 500fps
  • High light sensitivity
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Re-chargeable battery built in for true mobile applications and data backup
  • High-G rated (100+ G / 15msec / all axis), tested by independent test lab

Anthropomorphic Test Dummies

  • 50th percentile males, H-II
  • 50th percentile males, FAA-H-III
  • 95th percentile male, H-III
  • Euro SID-2
  • CRABI 12-month child
  • HIII 3-year-old child
  • HIII 6-year-old child
  • HIII 5th percentile female

Certification Capabilities

FAA Certification Capabilities

  • FAR 23.562
  • FAR 25.562
  • FAR 27.562
  • FAR 29.562

Vehicle Safety-Sled Testing Capabilities

  • FMVSS 208
  • FMVSS 213
  • CMVSS 208
  • ECE R94
  • Euro NCAP
  • IIHS
  • OSA

Representative Projects

  • FAA certification tests for airframe and seat manufacturers
  • Research projects for FAA, SAMA (Small Aircraft Manufacturers Association)
  • Energy-absorbing seats, cushions
  • Aircraft seat dynamics
  • Computational modeling of seats and systems
  • Aircraft interior fittings crash research
  • Biodynamics

Areas of Research

  • Aircraft occupant protection research
  • Implementation of child restraints in aerospace applications research
  • Mass transit occupant safety research
  • Aircraft component certification research