WSU CAPS Zoom Video Conference Info & Instructions

Please note that due to COVID-19 precautions, typical procedures are being modified in Counseling and Psychological Services on a temporary basis. Student will be scheduled for a remote session (ex. HIPAA-compliant videoconference) rather than being seen in-person. Your session will be conducted through Zoom videoconference rather than in-person.

Taking care of these steps now will ensure you are prepared for a videoconference session with CAPS:

Please review ZOOM FAQS:

Please review ZOOM video tutorials:


Prior to your videoconference appointment time, take the following steps:

  1. Have your email open, internet access, and camera.
  2. Follow the general guidelines in the next section to set up your space appropriately for a videoconference session. Test your speakers and video to make sure they’re working.
  3. Prior to your first online appointment, open to complete session paperwork, choosing the type of paperwork that matches your appointment type:
    1. TELEHEALTH SERVICES CONSULTATION FORMS (begin 30 minutes prior to appointment time)
    2. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMED CONSENT FOR TELEHEALTH SERVICES (begin 15 minutes prior to appointment time)

Please note that no electronic paperwork completed apart from the time of a scheduled session will be accepted at CAPS. Extraneous paperwork will be discarded without being read, and the client will be asked to complete the paperwork again at the time of their session for review by their counselor.

Following these general guidelines will help to ensure a positive videoconference experience:

  1. Create a confidential and private space where you will not be interrupted, and your conversation will not be overheard. Consider creating white noise outside the doorway and use headphones or earbuds.
  2. Use the biggest screen size available to you (i.e. a laptop rather than a phone). Ensure that the device is stable and the camera level with your eyes. Make sure that you’re well-lit with no bright light source directly behind you.
  3. Clear your internet by closing out of any programs you don’t need. (For more detailed instructions, watch the video at
  4. Recognize that eye contact can be difficult to establish via videoconference, even if your counselor is trying.

Thanks for working with us to stay physically and mentally healthy!

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