Counseling Services

CAPS offers appointments for individual, couple, and group therapy to enrolled students in the WSU community. No matter where you're at in life or what hardships you face, CAPS is here to help. To set an appointment, walk into the Student Wellness Center or call us at 316-978-4SWC (4792) and ask to meet with a counselor. We offer in-person and telehealth appointments.

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Typical problems seen in the center are:
  • Difficulties with family/friends
  • Academic stress
  • Issues with self-esteem/self-doubt
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Eating disorders/body image struggles
  • General depression/unhappiness
  • Trauma
  • Test anxiety
  • Negative habits
  • Anger management
  • Time management
  • Alcohol and drug concerns
  • Learning disabilities and attention problems
  • Homesickness
  • Grief/Loss


CAPS office visits are just $10.00 a session. However, no student will be turned away for inability to pay. Please talk with your therapist to see if you qualify for a reduced rate. There is no cost for group therapy, crisis therapy, and support group sessions.

When you are experiencing difficulties, Counseling and Psychological Services is an appropriate resource. Whether individual, couples, or group and family therapy, our personal counseling staff provides a wide range of services and assistance. Short-term services are provided to enrolled students and brief consultation services are provided for faculty and staff members. 

Group Therapy

The staff at Counseling and Psychological Services offers an assortment of group therapy sessions to WSU students. Contact Counseling and Psychological Services for group offerings at the beginning of each semester.

Learn more about group therapy

Couples Therapy

The staff at Counseling and Psychological Services offers brief, skills-based couples therapy to WSU students. If you and your partner want to address concerns surrounding topics such as communication, trust, bond, and warmth, contact Counseling and Psychological Services to make an appointment.

Psychiatric Consultation

Counseling and Psychological Services partners with Student Health Services who provide psychotropic medication services to enrolled students.

Psychological Assessments

Our counseling staff administers and interprets a wide range of assessment instruments.

Interest, ability, values, and personality may be formally assessed in support of psychological and/or career counseling.

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Crisis information

If you are afraid you will not be able to avoid hurting yourself or someone else, get help immediately. We have provided a list of resources and guidelines for dealing with psychological or emotional crises - information that can keep you and others safe in emergency situations.

Learn more about crisis services and emergencies

For more information, contact:
Student Wellness Center
316-978-4SWC (4792)
Email :


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