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In 2019 the University implemented the New Leader Orientation (NLO) program, requiring attendance for those new to the University and in a leadership position (those with Direct Reports) or those newly promoted to a leader position.  Upon completion of the program, Leaders receive a certificate and are honored at our annual Leader Orientation Recognition.  Leader feedback received was that much of the information contained in this program was valuable to existing leaders as well and NLO evolved into Leader Orientation (LO) and is now open to both new and existing Leaders at Wichita State.

This program will provide Leaders with the opportunities to receive and discuss information provided to them by University Leaders/Guest Speakers.  Training contained in this orientation include the most recent updates to policies and procedures, provides references, tools, and other resources.  The cohort group setting provides Leaders with a network of other Leaders to forge bonds and connect with when they need a sounding board.


The structure of this program is a full orientation program that is delivered over a three month period consisting of instructor-led courses.

Cohort groups will be established with leaders hired or promoted during the same quarter.  This will enable the group to discuss similar questions, issues, etc. and to network with other leaders.

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Within the first few months of their new role as a Leader, or by request, Leaders at Wichita State University will receive an email and Outlook invitation from with a full agenda and detailed information.

The Leader's direct manager will also be copied on the communication email if they have a direct report who has been invited to attend Leader Orientation.

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Tools & Resources

Leaders will learn about tools and resources available and how to access them.  They will also be introduced to key leaders within the University who will speak about current updates in their specialized areas.

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Additionally, leaders will have the opportunity to network with other leaders and forge connections with them as they will likely encounter similar questions or issues as as leaders become more familiar in their new role.

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Updated: 06/09/2022 SRAP