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Each area of the University has an assigned Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) to help Wichita State University leaders align with the business objectives of their particular area.  The assignment of HRBP's allows the HRBP and leader to work together for the HRBP to become familiar with the operations and issues in the areas they serve. This working relationship enables the HRBP to proactively assess how various initiatives may impact the department and be a better resources for the leader.

Your HR Business Partner is a subject matter expert on policy and procedures at the University that are relevant to managing the workforce. The HRBP can provide leaders with many forms of guidance to help meet their department goals through productive workforce management.  Some common topics to discuss with your HRBP include department restructure or creating a new position, employee behavior or working relationship issues, policy questions, employee resignations, and managing performance.

Human Resource Business Partners


Revised: 08/24/2023 SA