HRBP IconNon-employee access

There are times when access to university resources for an individual that is not an employee of Wichita State University, if necessary.  Examples may include but are not limited to:

  • A visiting individual that needs access and is not completing work for the University.
  • An individual who is under contract as an independent contractor for services with WSU.
  • An individual who is providing work to WSU while working for another KBOR school and arrangements have been made to pay them through their home institution.
  • A concurrent enrollment instructor under contact with the University.
  • A volunteer

Providing access to a non-employee requires:

  • Complete the non-employee access form
    • “Prepared by” = who is filling out the form
    • “Extension” = the extension number of the person filling out the form
    • “Date” = date the form is being filled out
    • “Request type” =
      • New Access = Access for this individual has not been granted previously
      • Re-Activate Access = Access for this individual has been granted previously
      • Terminate Access = Access is no longer needed for this individual
    • “Comments” = it is important put in this box why this individual needs access (i.e., one of the 5 reason above). If the reason they need access is not one of the 5 reasons above, please be detailed in what access they need, why they need access, and what they will be using the access for. The comments box is solely for the approvers to be aware of the access that will be requested once this form is fully approved.  Once the form is approved and submitted, you will receive an email with directions on how to request access.
    • “Non-Employee Information” =
      • All of the information in this box is needed to set the employee up for non-employee access.
      • If it is to re-activate access, you should also fill out this box. If it is new access, you should leave this blank.
    • “Department Information” =
      • There must be a start and stop date for access. Access should be reviewed each year.  The stop date should not be longer than one year from the start date.  Access can be renewed at the end of each year if necessary.
    • “Required Signatures” = Approval of leadership. All  the signatures are required.
      • Non-Employee’s Supervisor = same name as in the department information
      • Department Budget Officer = Budget Officer of the department of the non-employee’s supervisor.
      • Dean = this is only needed in the colleges.
      • President/Vice President = Vice President of the department of the non-employee’s supervisor.

Leadership Approval of access for a non-employee

Leadership signing the form should ensure they understand why access is being provided for a non-employee and that it is necessary. Any questions they have about the request should be directed to the non-employee’s supervisor/liaison.

When completed (with all signatures)

Send this form via secure Drop Box to your Human Resources Business Partner (do NOT E-Mail it). To confirm the HRBP for your department or area, please refer to the list of HRBP contacts.

Requesting Access:

  • The Human Resources Office will respond to the ‘Prepared by’ contact information with a WSU ID and information on how to request access needs. Request for access can only be submitted once the department has the myWSU ID and the myWSU ID is in active status.
  • Additional system and door access must be requested through ITS. The Department should submit a Team Dynamix ticket with the specific access needs, including e-mail access if necessary. Contact the ITS Help Desk at (316) 978-4357 for assistance.


Created: 04/19/2022 SA