HRBP iconManaging Employee Performance

Leaders may determine that a verbal discussion, coaching or remediation plan, or corrective action is required to address situations where an employee is not meeting the leaders’ expectations.

  • Performance concern concerns with quantity, quality, accuracy, and/or timeliness of work (a “skill” issue). Addressing concerns of this nature may involve verbal conversations, coaching or remediation plan, or corrective action.
  • Conduct – concerns related to compliance with work rules (a “will” issue). Addressing concerns of this nature may involve verbal conversations or corrective action.

It is important that the leader first has a conversation with the employee to learn more about the situation, relevant facts and information, and any mitigating circumstances. Each situation is unique. The leader needs to consider the nature and severity of the incident(s) and the time between the concerns and previous discussions when determining what action to take next. If corrective action is needed the leader should discuss the proposed corrective action with their leader and Human Resources to ensure appropriate applicability, documentation, and in accordance of procedure.

Reference the policies for additional information about managing performance and using the coaching and corrective action tools.

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Updated: 5/2/2022 SA