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Wichita State University (“University”) recognizes the vital role that Volunteers play in accomplishing its mission.  Policy 3.63 characterizes the nature of Volunteer service; establishes mechanisms to promote a safe, productive, and mutually beneficial environment; specifies allowable Volunteer services with appropriate authorization; and the actions necessary for Volunteer services.  The Volunteer Policy should be used in conjunction with the following detailed steps which are necessary to properly document a volunteer relationship.  

Considerations for utilizing current Employees as Volunteers

Policy provides that an employee of Wichita State University may volunteer for a University event if they are volunteering in a capacity that is different from their employment.  This means that an employee cannot volunteer to do activities that are the same or similar to essential duties performed in their job.

For example, An employee whose job is primarily answering phones and preparing documents in a department, may volunteer to seat guests and hand out programs at a University event.  An employee whose job includes setting up tables and chairs for events in a department, may not volunteer to do the same or similar tasks at a University Event.  For assistance identifying appropriate opportunities for a University Volunteer, contact your Human Resources Business Partner.

The Host Department must determine whether an appropriate volunteer relationship can be created based on the criteria in the Volunteer Policy 3.63.  Once the Host Department selects Volunteers based on the needs of the event, the Host Department should identify if the Volunteer Packet will need to be completed, and if a background check will be required.  The steps to complete these processes are as follows:

Step One: Volunteer Packet

The Volunteer Packet Must be Used if any of the following are applicable:

  • The event will last more than two (2) consecutive calendar days; OR
  • The Volunteer provides the same service for more than three (3) calendar days in a year; OR
  • The Volunteer will be working directly with minors; OR
  • Cash or financial transactions will be handled by the Volunteer; OR
  • The Volunteer is under the age of eighteen (18).

The Volunteer Packet is located in the forms index on the Human Resources website. The completed Volunteer Packet should be returned to the Host Department prior to the event. This Packet should be retained by the Host Department for three (3) years from the date the relationship with the Volunteer ends.

For Volunteers who do not meet the above criteria, the Volunteer Packet is suggested but not required. 

For questions, please contact your Human Resources Business Partner.

Step Two: Background Check

The Host Department must determine if a background check is required. A background check is required for the following situations:

  • The Volunteer will be handling cash or financial transactions OR
  • The Volunteer will be working directly with minors.

If a background check is deemed necessary, the Host Department:

  1. Completes the Volunteer Background Check Authorization Release form
  2. Obtains information from the Volunteer required to complete the form
  3. Submits the form electronically to Human Resources
  4. Obtains an email from HR stating the background check is acceptable, prior to the Volunteer performing services.

If the Volunteer is an employee, a background check may not be necessary if one was completed as part of the employment process. Contact Human Resources for verification.

The Volunteer Background Check Authorization Release form is found on the Forms Index of the HR webpage.

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Additional Information:

A Volunteer may be required to:

  • Complete department training for the Volunteer services.
  • Obtain and display or wear identification as required by the Host Department. 

If access to University systems or email is needed please follow the non-employee access guidelines and submit the non-employee access form.

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Accident or Injury

If an injury occurs to a Volunteer while providing Volunteer services on Campus, the Host Department must email the Volunteer contact information, date/time, and injury or illness details to Human Resources at totalrewards@wichita.edu within 48 hours of the accident.  Submission does not guarantee compensability of any associated medical expenses the Volunteer may incur as a result of his/her injury. The State Self-Insurance Fund determines compensability on a case-by-case basis.

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