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The relationship between employees and leaders in the workplace should be professional and respectful. However, there can be times during the employment relationship when conflict may arise. The University encourages conflict to be resolved at the lowest level.



The University has avenues to support conflict resolution:

  • Human Resource Business Partners (HRBP) are assigned to cover different areas of the University. HRBPs are available to provide advice to both employees and leaders when conflict arises:
    • Leaders
      • Set clear expectations and how to check in on performance at appropriate intervals.
      • Communicate effectively with direct reports on a regular basis.
      • Discuss career development and additional training with an employee.
      • Provide constructive feedback to an employee who is not meeting performance expectations.
      • Complete the course: Managing Employee Performance Training (this is offered through Leader Orientation)
    • Employees
      • Clarify performance expectations (set by the leader).
      • Let your leader know what you need to be successful at performing the essential functions of your job. This may be addressed through the accommodation process if it is related to a disability.
      • Explore training opportunities at the University.
      • Have a productive discussion with their leader about interest in another job opportunity.

Faculty have the additional option to seek an ombudsperson for further guidance.

The University informal resolution process:

  • Discuss the concern directly with your leader and what you would like the resolution to look like.
  • If that does not resolve the concern, discuss with the next level leader (leader’s supervisor) to share your concern, how you have attempted to resolve it, and what you would like for the resolution to look like.

HRBP’s and/or faculty ombudsman can assist you with ways to address the concern directly with your leader and/or next-level leader if needed.

If the situation is not able to resolve through the informal process of working through your department (leader and next-level leader), employees have a formal resolution process they can engage in:

WSU also provides additional resources and training opportunities for leaders and employees that can support their skills to address conflict resolution, such as

  • Managing the Employment Relationship (for leaders) and Respect in the workplace, which can be accessed through myTraining,
  • Linked-In Learning, which provides training and learning paths such as WSU supervisor learning path, conflict resolution foundations, develop conflict management and resolution skills, and more
  • Grow@WSU highlights training both offered at WSU, through some of our vendors and training available to all state of Kansas agency employees.

After reviewing these resources, please contact your HRBP for assistance if you still have questions.

Created: 05/04/2022 SA