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Required Training

The following trainings contained in this leader cohort program is also available to all WSU employees as individual courses seperate from Leader Orientation.  Search for the course title in myTraining to register for an open session.

Your Role as a Leader

Discuss responsibilities of a Leader at the University.  Review WSU policies and procedures.  Discuss standards of conduct and the commitment to provide an ethical, compliant, safe, and respectful environment.  Leaders will learn how to partner with Human Resources Business Partners on workforce strategy (restructures, determination of compensation, discussion about positions/actions, employee relations).

Subject Matter Experts: HR Business Partners

Employment Relationship

Review the Leader’s responsibilities for managing performance, setting expectations, identifying when an employee has not met expectations, and how to effectively address those concerns.  Review the forms to use to effectively document an unmet expectation.  

Subject Matter Experts: HR Business Partners

Recommended additional training module to consider for Managers of Non-Teaching Employees: myPerformance Training

Position Action Request (PAR)

Overview of actions and resources for the multi-purpose PAR form, the first step in the process for changes to benefit-eligible faculty and staff positions including, Search, Non-Search, Workforce Transitions, and Off-Cycle Pay Change Requests.

Subject Matter Experts: HR Talent Acquisition

Compensation Program & Policies

Gain an understanding of the University’s transition to a Market-Based Compensation program and the philosophy and administration guidelines as they apply to benefit-eligible, non-teaching positions. (This information does not apply to any employees within the
 Division of Industry and Defense Programs/IDP.)

Subject Matter Experts: HR Total Rewards

Wage & Hour

Leaders will gain knowledge of Wage and Hour law and policies related to leading both exempt and non-exempt employees

Subject Matter Experts: HR Total Rewards

Recommended additional training module to consider: Time Entry/Approval Training

Leave Administration

Learn about the leader’s role and responsibilities in employee medical leave, work-related injuries and illnesses, workplace accommodations, and accessibility.

Subject Matter Experts: HR Total Rewards

Change Management

Learn how to lead a team through change, the phases of transition, review tools for moving forward, and systems & structures for sustainment.

Subject Matter Experts: HR Organizational Development

Discrimination & Harassment

Gain an understanding of harassment and discrimination and a working knowledge of the policy and process.  Learn the Leader’s responsibilities in the reporting process.  Understand how the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC) processes reports of discrimination and harassment.

Subject Matter Experts: Institutional Equity & Compliance

Workforce Talent Acquisition

Gain knowledge of the different hiring processes for benefit-eligible and non-benefit eligible employees.  Learn how to partner with Human Resources Talent Consultants to match candidate skills to open positions and recruit an engaged, high performing, diverse workforce.

Subject Matter Experts: HR Talent Acquisition

Effective Communication

Learn to practice open and frequent communication.  Identify how to build trust and morale within your team.  Learn to listen to varying points of view.  Review how to establish clear priorities and provide feedback.

Subject Matter Experts: HR Organizational Development

Adapting Your Style & Motivating Employees*

*Leaders will need to have previously completed the StrengthsFinder assessment as a prerequisite for this course.

Identify how to use your Top 5 Strengths to foster group commitment and influence others.  Learn factors that affect motivation and approaches to individual motivation.

Subject Matter Experts: HR Organizational Development

Recommended additional training module to consider: Discovering Your Strengths

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Learn the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Identify your personal comfort levels in diverse social situations. Learn how to recognize and get past microaggressions.

Subject Matter Experts: Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Recommended additional training module to consider: Diversity in Action and Accessibility Training

Service Standards for Leaders

Gain an understanding the University’s transition to develop Service Standards, why it’s important, and how leaders are a vital part of WSU’s success.

Subject Matter Experts: HR Organizational Development

Recommended additional training module to consider: Service Standards

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Recommended: Additional Training Modules

image of WSU myTraining homepageThe following trainings are provided by Wichita State.  Search for the course title in myTraining to register for an open session.

Accessiblity Training for Faculty (ACTR2)

This online version of the faculty accessibility training will cover terms, policies, law, accessible digital documents, accessible face-to-face teaching, voluntary class audit process, other content auditing, and accessibility training for students. Faculty who choose this version of the training do not need to take the face-to-face version.

Accessibility Training for Staff (ACTR4)

This online version of the staff accessibility training will cover terms, policies, law, accessible digital documents, accessible face-to-face presentations, frequently asked questions, and resources.

Campus Safety: Active Threat Incident Planning

A proactive approach to ensure a safe campus environment and to prepare in case of an incident of campus violence.  Learn what to do in an active campus threat incident and how to identify and report behaviors of concern.

Diversity in Action

A program of training courses on diversity topics including Ability Ally, Gender Diversity, Welcoming to Campus Those Who Served, Safe Zone, Engaging a Multigenerational Workforce, and First Generation.  Go to for more detail.

Discovering Your Strengths

Take the StrengthsFinder assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder 2.0) to reveal your Top 5 dominant talent themes unique to you.  Once you know which of the 34 themes you lead with, we will show you how to use your top themes for your own development.

This fun and interactive training session will help you identify your natural talents; develop them into strengths; and enjoy consistent, near-perfect performance in your personal and career success!

Kognito At-Risk for Faculty and Staff

University students can experience a tremendous amount of stress, which often has negative effects on their health and academic performance. The Counseling and Testing Center invites all faculty and staff to use Kognito At-Risk, an online interactive simulation that will teach you to identify warning signs, how to support students and how to get at-risk students the help they need. While designed for faculty, the training provides useful information anyone can use. The training is free and can be stopped and resumed at your convenience.

Microsoft Office Power User Program

Attend a suite of ITS led Microsoft Office trainings within one year and become a WSU Microsoft Office Power User! Go to for more information.

Individual Courses include Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel Essentials, Excel Pivot Tables, and Excel Advanced Formulas

myPerformance Training

myPerformance is the performance management software used for non-teaching Unclassified Professionals and University Support Staff performance evaluations.  Learn about the evaluation cycle and how to document goals and accomplishments.  Condensed Manager and/or Employee training as well as a full-length version of myPerformance Training is available as online module through myTraining.  For more information, visit

Service Standards

Gain an understanding of the Wichita State University Service Standards: Proud, Responsive, Open, Understanding, and Dependable. Learn how to incorporate the standards into everyday work life.  Identify opportunities for assessment, recognition, and development.

Time Entry/Approval Training

This session demonstrates how to use Web Time Entry & Approval / Proxy Approval process.  Features covered include entering various earn codes, including leave codes, comp time, and paid overtime, how to submit time, how to recall time, how to approve time & set up a proxy approver

WSU Finance 101

Information on GU and RU funding, how to stay on top of departmental finances, processing revenue, expenses, BPC cards, and travel.

WSU Internal Control All-Star Credential

Everyone working at a college or university has a role in internal control which is a process designed to drive effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of financial reporting, and compliance with laws and regulations. Internal controls provide direction and prevent, find, and fix problems!. WSU Internal Control All-Star Credential is a 10-part series about internal control at colleges and universities that will heighten your understanding of our control system at WSU and your essential role in its success.

WSUWeSupportU- Prevent Suicide

The Counseling & Testing Center is offering one hour suicide prevention courses to the WSU community in order to help individuals better identify, understand, and respond to signs and symptoms of suicide. This course aims to help students, faculty, and staff learn how to better recognize, intervene, and provide resources for at-risk individuals who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts.

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Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter presentations by Guest Speakers/University Leaders at Wichita State are provided by:

University Resources


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