Compensation practices are intended to be effective tools in addressing campus business needs.  The following guidelines are designed to assist Leaders when making pay decisions for benefit-eligible, non-teaching Positions and to be reasonable and flexible to meet the changing business needs of Wichita State University (“University”).  The following should be considered when making compensation decisions.

  • Leaders are responsible and accountable for compensation decisions made within the department.
  • Decisions by Leaders must be based on justifiable business reasons to ensure compliance with University policies, state, and federal laws.
  • In most circumstances and absent extenuating circumstances, Employees performing substantially equal Jobs under the same Leader should receive similar pay.
  • All compensation decisions require documentation and approval by the appropriate party as described within these guidelines.

Appendix A:  Glossary of Terms is located at the end of this document and defines many of the terms used in this document.  Terms located in the Glossary begin with a capital letter when referenced throughout this document.

Nothing in these guidelines confers to any individual or Employee any right, either express or implied, to employment with the University, to remain in the University’s employment, or to any specific Base Pay Rate, benefits, or compensation. The procedures, practices, policies, and other matters described herein may be modified or discontinued from time to time, at the discretion of the University. These guidelines do not establish an employment agreement or contract with any individual or Employee.

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