WSU Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

This page contains information on how to use Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) to recover your WSU password.

New Users: When setting up your WSU password or accessing SSPR for the first time, password account setup using Microsoft 365 may be needed when logging into or using for University resources.

 Click here for instructions on how to set up your WSU password using Microsoft 365 password account.

Setup or Reset WSU Password

See below for steps on how to reset a forgotten WSU password using SSPR.

Please use Private or Incognito window when resetting your password to accurately reset your password. Click here for information on accessing Private/Incognito browser windows

  1. In browser, go to or
    when accessing or using for University resourcesselect Forgot Password in the Enter Password window

    Image of Microsoft login screen and forgot password
  2. Enter Username: (for example: and enter the characters displayed to verify that you are not a bot.
    image of description above
  3. Verify identity
    Depending on what verification options were set up, verify your identity using one of the following options:
    • Email - must use a non-WSU email address currently on file
      image of step listed above
    • Mobile Phone
      image of step listed above
    • Office Phone
      image of step listed above
  4. Enter the verification code provided
  5. Enter New Password
    Note: Error will appear if the password does not meet the required criteria.

    Click here for Password Requirements
    image of step listed above
  6. Message will be received stating that Password has been reset
    image of step listed above

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WSU Password Setup using Microsoft 365 Password Account

 You may be prompted to complete the following steps the first time setting up your WSU password, accessing Self Service Password Reset (SSPR),, or using for University resources,

  1. Click Next to start the process in the More information required box
    image described in step listed above
  2. Click 'Set it up now' by the Authentication method you wish to use
    Image of step 2
  3. Enter the information required for the chosen Authentication method
    image described in step listed above
  4. Enter the information to verify the Authentication method and click Text me or Call me depending on how you want to verify the method
    image described in step listed above
  5. Enter the code or answer the call depending on the selection from step 4
    image described in step listed above
  6. Click Finish to finalize setup
    image described in step listed above

Next Steps

After creating an Account:

  • Log into BEFORE logging into myWSU
    Use (example: and WSU ID password
  • While in Office365, you can add or update authentication methods/devices under Settings.  See FAQs to the right for further information.

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For any questions or assistance, please contact ITS Help Desk at or (316) 978-4357, Option 1.