Step 4: Being Successful

Seek Academic Help

If you need academic support and help, you can find it through these resources:

  • Success Coach appointments via Zoom (find your Success Coach here and call or email to schedule an appointment, or request an appointment from myWSU)
  • Supplemental Instruction is being offered. Check Blackboard if your current course has an SI.
  • If you have been using the services of a tutoring service, you may now find them online. To locate the online version of your tutoring center, check Blackboard. There are links to all tutoring centers under the tabs "My Institution," "My Courses," and "My Organizations." The following Centers are offering online tutoring through Blackboard and/or Zoom:
  • If none of these options addresses your tutoring need, you can request a tutor though myWSU.

Go to the Library

Did you know you don't have to leave your house to go to the library? For off-campus access to many Library databases and other resources, once you locate the desired resource through online search, you will be directed to Wichita State's proxy server. This means you will be asked to login using your myWSU ID and your password. When the system has verified that you are a Wichita State student, you will see a verification screen and you will need to click a button to continue on to your digital destination. Some databases are not available off-campus due to licensing restrictions.

In addition to these online resources, University Libraries have many online services to help keep you successful:

Keep Communicating

It is very important for you to keep up communication with your instructors, your advisor, and other University staff who can help you in your remote studies.  Here are some tips for communication:

  • Make sure your emails are clear and professional.  
  • Ask your professors all the questions you have. If you are wondering about updated course policies, new deadlines, etc. about your class, then other students want to know too. Make sure you are reaching out to your instructors through their desired mode of communication so you can get these questions answered. Your instructors want you to be successful, so make sure they are aware of all your questions. As a remote student, your instructor may want you to contact through email, an "Ask the Professor" discussion board in Blackboard, or through in-person contact during Zoom sessions. 
  • Need a question answered but you are not sure where to go? It's time to turn to the OneStop. The OneStop will be able to guide you to the right office.

Practice Good Study Habits

The Office of Student Success has excellent study habit resources. Here are some of their suggestions:

  • Don't try to multitask! If you are studying in a nontraditional space, perhaps at home with many other people sharing the space, it's important to remember that trying to multitask will undermine your effectiveness. 
  • Remember to sleep. Sleeping may not feel like a priority right now, but it is. Not only will sufficient sleep help you retain what you learn, it may also help keep you physically healthy. Don't skimp on the zzzz's.
  • Turn off the outside world, even if you are on your computer. Online and remote learning may require you to use a computer more than ever before. Before you go to your remote class and before you begin to study, shut your email and messaging programs off and put your phone in another room.
  • Checkout this handout for more study tips

Reach out to Counseling and Prevention

Have recent events and the pace of change led to you feeling anxious? Wichita State Counseling and Prevention has a brief and anonymous mental health screening you can take online. They also have a mental health and wellness COVID-19 page with resources for you.