The Academic Accommodations and Accessibility (AAA) team provides a variety of critical accessibility-services to the university community.


Academic Accommodations

AAA provides support for the Office of Disability Services (ODS) by being a source for accommodated versions of academic documents. This is typically the creation of tagged PDFs, braille and tactile graphic versions of instructional content, but can include a wide variety of solutions. 

All accommodation work done by the team is arranged through our partnership with the Office of Disability Services. To request an accommodation, please contact ODS. Click here to visit the contact page for ODS.

Academic Accessibility

AAA, in partnership with the Office of Instructional Resources and the rest of the MRC, provides key support, training, and services to the university community on accessibility.

EIT and Academic Audit

AAA conducts the audit of all Electronic and Information Technology (EIT). Reports on that audit can be found in the Accessibility pages of the WSU Website. 

Click here for the Accessibility pages of the WSU Website. From there, audit reports can be found in the section menu.