Media Resources Center

The Media Resources Center at Wichita State University provides an array of media technology services for the university and community. The MRC has five departments ready to serve you:


The MRC and Wichita State's COVID-19 Response

Many of the MRC's teams are deeply engaged in the effort to support WSU's efforts to move instruction online and communicate with our community. Here are some important links. 

Getting to know the MRC

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How can we help you?

The MRC teams provide support fo a wide range of facullty and staff activities. Even if you're not sure if we're the right people to support your needs, we can help make sure you get the solution that makes the most sense for you.

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Annual Reports

Each year the MRC produces a report to share our successes and improvements with the WSU Community.

» View the 2017-2018 MRC Annual Report

» View the 2016-2017 MRC Annual Report

» View the 2015-2016 MRC Annual Report

» View the 2014-2015 MRC Annual Report