Teams that can provide Web Development

A variety of teams on campus can provide web development support. (Free)

Any campus office, organization, or team member can create and maintain their own web pages on the main site free of charge. To get started, sign up for and attend one of the training sessionss provided by the web team.  

If the main university content management system does not meet your needs, you can contact these other teams to see what they might be able to do for you. Please note that these other services will all have fees associated with the work they do for you. 

Ennovar ($)

Ennovar at Wichita State University emphasizes education, emerging technology, experiential learning, evolutionary research, exploration, and engagement. A collaboration of industry, student technicians, and subject matter experts produces the high quality deliverables companies require while providing the most highly experienced next generation workforce.

MRC Web Services ($)

The MRC's Web Services Team is dedicated to providing training, support, and development assistance to WSU offices and teams. We are here to help you present your information and services to an internal or external audience in an efficient, attractive, and professional way. 

Strategic Communications: Web and New Media ($)

The0 Strategic Communications Web and New Media team can help provide guidance in the use of the main unviersity content management system to delivery and amplify your message. 

Training and Technology Team (T3) ($)

T3 excels at customized development and will collaborate with clients every step of the way to deliver exceptional results. All development begins with a robust infrastructure that allows for new technologies and scalability to address project needs.