The disposition of property owned by State agencies must be made in accordance with the State Surplus Property Act (K.S.A. 75-6601) and rules and regulations authorized by such act. This act applies to sales, trade-ins, cannibalization, and other dispositions of surplus equipment or other property (see Equipment Disposal Procedures). Property Control prepares a Disposition of Property form (DA 110), requesting State Surplus Property approval to dispose of any equipment included in the property records, as well as other State property with a unit cost less than $5,000. Stolen equipment not recovered within 90 days of being reported stolen, is reported on a DA-110 requesting removal from property records.

Departments may not give or throw equipment away themselves. Equipment to be disposed of must be listed on a Transfer of Property form documenting pickup by or delivery to the Physical Plant Warehouse for disposal. The Warehouse maintains records of surplus equipment available to other University departments.

Departments transferring computers to the Physical Plant Warehouse as surplus property must ensure that all sensitive information (i.e. passwords, data files, or licensed software) is removed from the computer before it is transferred.