Property Transfer

Statutory and Policy Basis

K.S.A. 75-3729 provides in part that the "…director of the Division of Accounts and Reports shall . . .. direct the use of inventory records by all state agencies." The State of Kansas Division of Accounts and Reports Policy and Procedure manual require the preparation and maintenance of inventory records. The manual also requires reporting all inventory transactions to Property Control at each state agency so that inventory records can be maintained in such a manner as to facilitate the physical verification of inventory items.


Departments wishing the Physical Plant Warehouse to transfer equipment, software or books between departments, buildings or rooms must complete a Transfer of Property Form documenting the transfer. This documentation allows equipment locations on University property records to be kept current. Periodic audits by the State of Kansas Division of Accounts and Reports test the accuracy of those records. The Transfer of Property Form and instructions for its completion are available online on the Office of Financial Operations and Business Technology homepage of the WSU web site under Forms for Departments at the following link: Transfer of Property Form

Departments must be careful to complete Transfer of Property forms for equipment removed from the department (1) by University Computing Center personnel; (2) during building remodeling or (3) during entire department moves. Complete department equipment listings are available from Property Control, prior to the moves, upon request.

After receiving the approved copy of the Transfer of Property form from Property Control, the Physical Plant Warehouse (Warehouse) schedules a time to transfer the items it is to move.

Departments transferring equipment between departments, buildings or rooms themselves may notify Property Control of the transfer by e-mail.


Warehouse personnel will not transfer equipment without a completed, Property Control approved, Transfer of Property form or move items that are not listed on the Transfer of Property Form.