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Student Health Services offers a variety of health services to Wichita State Students at little to no cost.  All staff members are professionally trained as college health specialists to assist you with your health-related issues.

Services include, but are not limited to:

myShockerHealth - Student Health Services patient portal is designed to help students interact conveniently with Student Health Services. You can make appointments online, request prescription refills, pay balances, upload documentation, view and print immunization information, and communicate through secure messaging with one of our healthcare professionsls with with this secure patient site. Log into myShockerHealth.

Adult immunizations - Some immunizations are required for travel, by a program and for entry recommendations to WSU. Learn more about the meningitis vaccine.

Allergy desensitization shots - Your allergy injections need to be initiated through your allergist, and Student Health can provide the follow-up injections.

Psychological/Mental Health Counseling - Visit the Counseling & Prevention Services for more information about counseling.

First Aid Kit - Student Health offers small first aid kits that students can keep on hand in the event of minor cuts and accidents. 

Gynecological Health - Services include numerous types of contraception, Plan B, consultations, pap smears, pregnancy testing and education.

Health Promotion - Student Health Services staff are trained on a variety of presentations to promote good health. Learn more about health promotion presentation topics.

Illness - Diagnosis and treatment of illness, both acute and long term.

Injury - Student Health will take care of immediate and follow-up care for injuries.

Laboratory Services - Student Health can provide both in-house rapid, point-of-care test results and can send blood tests to our reference labortatories.

LGBTQ+ Health - Consultation and prescriptions for PReP, PEP, gender-affirming hormones and more.

Mental Health Medications - Prescriptions for general anxiety and depression. ADHD medications can be prescribed after receiving formal testing or consultation by Counseling and Prevention Services.

Nutrition and Weight Control Support - Appointments with registered dietician can be made for nutrition consults

Well Person/Physical Examination

Physician Consultations - with medical specialists in the areas of ear, nose and throat; family practice, and gynecology 

Prescriptions and Treatment - When prescribed by Student Health Services healthcare providers. Student Health also offers a variety of over the counter medications. Find a list of over-the-counter medications.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) and HIV counseling and testing - Including free events like Pee 4 Pizza

Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center (WASAC) - To schedule, contact by phone at (316) 263-0185 or by email at

Tuberculosis Screenings - Learn more about the TB Prevention Program.

Travel Appointment
Traveling abroad? Discuss travel health vaccinations and medications specific to the country you are traveling to. Visit the myShockerHealth portal or call 316-978-4SWC (4792) to schedule an appointment.

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