This guide is on submitting a ticket to have your desk phone forwarded to your cell phone. The technician, upon completion, will follow up with you with instructions on how to use this feature.

Service Requests


  • Click on the form named "Telecommunications Assistance".
  • Read the information for the ticket and click Request Assistance on the right side.
  • Enter your name as the requestor (this information might be pre-populated) and the department should populate.
  • Fill in the Title as “Forward my Phone”.
  • Select “Telephone Request” from the drop down for the Requested Service.
  • Select “Extension to Cellular” from the drop down for the Telephone Service.
  • Fill the Description regarding the requested service.
  • If you are entering a request for one number to be forwarded
    • Enter your extension, carrier and cell phone or landline number
    • Click Request
  • If you are entering a request for multiple phone numbers to be forwarded
    • Fill out a spreadsheet with nthe following headings
      1. Name of employee
      2. Extension
      3. Cellular Carrier
      4. Cellular Number
    • Enter "See spreadsheet" in the form for From Extension, Cellular Carrier and Forwarded to Phone Number.
    • Attach the spreadsheet to the ticket
    • Click Request


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