F45 Playoffs

April 30, 2021 ♦ 6 a.m.-8 p.m. ♦  F45 Studio

Form a team or compete individually and make your way through ten F45 stations. Compete the most reps to be crowned the champion. Registration is FREE this semester for all participants. Please register at the Heskett Center Guest Services desk.

Register as an individual or do both, no extra cost, just more chances to win - 4 people per team (minimum 1 female). Teams will use their combined score to determine the winner.

1. Rowing 
2. Bench Hops 
3. TRX Push Ups + Kneetuck 
4. Cone Lateral Hop 
5. Box Jump Burpee 
6. Chin Ups
7. Barbell Squat Press
8. Medball Russian Twist
9. Deadball Overhead Drop
10. Hurdle Hop - Sprint

Scores are based on the maximum total number of reps completed. The male and female age divisions are: under 35 and 36+. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 finishers in each age group.

Entry fees are due to the Campus Recreation Heskett Center front desk by the day of the event.

Event Rules