Massage Therapy

Whether you're nursing sore muscles, rehabbing an injury or just needing to relieve some stress, our massage therapist can provide the healing touch you need to get back to feeling like yourself again - or better. 

To schedule an appointment call (316) 978-3082 or stop by the Campus Recreation Guest Services desk in the Heskett Center.

Types of Massages Offered

  • Deep Tissue - Slow, firm pressure to the deepest layers of the muscles and connective tissues in order to release especially tight muscles. Benefits include stress relief, pain reduction and muscle rehabilitation.
  • Sports - A pre- or post-sport treatment that warms muscles, reduces lactic acid and increases range of motion. This massage applies firmer pressure and targets the muscles and deep connective tissue in the body. The massage therapist may incorporate stretching to help recover from injury, increase flexibility, and prevent future injury.
  • Swedish – The most common type of massage used to release muscle tension in order to promote relaxation and stress relief. Massage therapist will use soft, kneading strokes and light, rhythmic tapping on the upper layers of muscles. Can be combined with moving joints to relieve muscle tension.
  • Therapeutic - A standard Swedish massage with an added deep-tissue massage in trouble areas.

Massage Add-ons

  • Hot Stone - This form of massage therapy that uses heated stones on the body so that the stones’ heat and weight warms and relaxes the body’s muscles. Allowing the massage therapist to provide a deeper-pressure massage without causing discomfort. 
Tuesday 2-5 p.m.
Wednesday 2-5 p.m.
Thursday 2-5 p.m.
Friday 2-6 p.m.
Saturday 12-3 p.m.

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