Shocker Fit

Shocker Fit is dedicated to providing safe, fun and effective FREE group fitness classes to Wichita State University students and Campus Recreation members. All of our instructors are trained and passionate about providing a variety of classes to challenge ALL fitness levels.

Download the 'fitDEGREE' app to register for classes, and select the WSU location. Instructors will check attendees into class when they arrive (advised 5-15 mins prior to start time). There are 32 classes a week to choose from, and you can see the FULL SCHEDULE here.

Access the app on your desktop through

Shocker FIt 100 Club

The more classes you attend, the more rewards you can earn!

Sign in at every class and receive a reward after every 25 classes you attend! (Attendence tracked based on fitDEGREE app.)

Attend 100 Classes to earn the prestigious Shocker Fit 100 Club t-shirt.

State Health Insurance

Plan holders can earn 4 Healthquest points annually by attending 40 F45 classes between January 4th - June 30th or July 1st - December 31st.