Shocker Fit Class Descriptions

Cycle Fit 
A multi-terrain cycle workout that improves muscle tone, leg strength and cardiovascular function through a combination of drills aimed at increasing speed, strength and endurance. 

This motivating, innovative, and enjoyable platform is developed from behavioral movements that achieve results while avoiding risk of injury. Experience numerous unique and systemized functional group training

NEW! Foam Rolling 
This short class gives you the equipment and education needed to successfully release tension trapped within your muscles. Use techniques that downregualte the body's neurological activity allowing for muscles to lengthen and relax. 

Glide Fit
Have fun on the water as we turn basic movement into a fun challenge for all fitness levels. Bring your swim suit and a fun, enthusiastic mindset as we balance on these boards.  

Suspension training that allows the body to develop core strength while focusing on balance and flexibility. Friendly for all user levels.

Want a challenge for both your body and mind? Enjoy a variety of postures and poses that help focus your mind while energizing and lengthening muscles.

Yoga Flow
A relaxing and restorative class that focuses on basic poses to build a mind-body connection while improving flexibility and lengthening muscles.

A high-energy class that provides a mix of Latin dance with body-sculpting aerobic intervals.