Lifting Videos

Safety is the #1 priority when working out so you don't become injured and get set back on crushing those goals. If you unsure of the correct lifting technique or what to double check you got things right, learn what you should and shouldn't be doing while in exercising. Join Andy Sykes MEd, CSCS, FNS, USAW as he covers lifts and other movements in these educational training sessions. 



Back injuries 
Description: Are you living in discomfort? Are you tried of putting up with reoccurring back pain? This month we identify common causes for pain, movements to avoid and show you how to approach the rebuilding process for a happier life. 

Stretching techniques 
Description: There are a number of ways to increase a muscles length. We cover the best techniques to use in addressing stubborn tight muscles in this months lifting clinic. 

Mobility/stability throughout the body
Description: Movement throughout the human body is a product of mobility and stability about our joints. While one area stabilizes structures, others simultaneously allow or create movement. Knowing which should be doing what is key in maintaining joint health and preventing injuries. Learn more about mobility and stability in this month lifting clinic.