Nutrition Discussions

Coming Fall 2022


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Gain an insight to nutrition, it's role in fueling the body, how diets work, national recommendations, and general Q & A with our Nutrition Specialist, Andy Sykes, MEd, CSCS, FNS, USAW

 SUPPLEMENTS: The majority of us take some form of supplement in our daily lives so why is there a stigma attached to them? Today, I discuss a little bit more about the supplement industry and things to be mindful of.  

CUTTING: How diets adjustments should be implemented for successful weight loss

Over 45million Americans achieve weight loss through dieting every year but most experience subsequent weight regain after dieting. This discussion attempts to explain how and why this occurs as the homeostatic processes in the body attempt to balance energy levels.


PROTEIN : Explaining the sources and role of protein

SUPER FOODS : What's a Super food & how is it helping your body be healthy.