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Sponsored By: College of Fine Arts

The Fine Arts LLC is open to residents who want to experience the joy and satisfaction that being involved in the arts can bring. This community brings together students and faculty in the visual and performing arts and other fields to explore innovation, creativity and collaboration.

Why Join?
Interactive programs and experiences
Nurture appreciation for all art forms
Engagement in community events
Attend productions, concerts, and galleries
Research career opportunities
Special guest speakers

Open to anyone with a passion for Fine Arts who will be an active participant in the LLC. Priority given to incoming first year students.

Learning Outcomes
• Familiarity with the venues and opportunities available for performing and visual arts
• Exploration of career opportunities
• Formation of relationships with students, faculty, and business professionals

For More Information:
Fine Arts LLC Coordinator: Sanya Wiles, (316) 978-7091,
Residence Life Coordinator: Carlos Cortés, (316) 978-6720,

Fine Arts RA: Rhiannon Vieyra